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Why Your Dog Needs TruDog Dental Spray

Stinky dog breath is no fun! It is no joke either. Dental disease is common in dogs and can lead to other health problems.  Products like TruDog Dental Spray help cover the problem, but it’s always a good idea to bring your dog to the veterinarian for regular dental checkups. 

Having regular dental cleanings done on your dog’s mouth is the ideal way to remove the plaque and tartar that cause bad breath. But dental cleanings are expensive!

Luckily, there are things you can do at home that will reduce the bacteria that cause gum disease and freshen your dog’s breath.
In this post, we will feature some dental care products made by a great company, TruDog. All of these products are completely holistic and all natural and they are inexpensive as well.

These easy to apply home care products include TruDog Dental Spray, Dental Chews and Dental Gel. Fresh doggy breath is just a few minutes away!

Spray Me TruDog Dental Spray

This is our favorite of the TruDog dental products, and it is so easy to use you will wonder why you ever waited!

How it Works

The spray is formulated specifically with all natural ingredients that prevent dental disease, reduce plaque accumulation and soften tartar. This both prevents the bacteria that causes bad breath and makes it easier for the tartar to be removed when your dog eats food and chews on treats.

The ingredients include:

Grape Seed Extract

This extract prevents dental plaque from forming, and reduces the bacteria that leads to gum disease.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

This extract has multiple benefits to your dog. Not only is it high in vitamins C and E, but it also acts as a detoxifier and immune system enhancer. In the mouth, grapefruit seed extract reduces inflammation of your dog’s gums.

Peppermint Oil

It is no surprise to find this oil in a dental product! Peppermint oil is a powerful antiseptic that kills oral bacteria and freshens the breath. It also contains vitamins A and C along with omega 3 fatty acids.

Rosemary Oil

Helps prevent plaque from sticking to the teeth, and contains enzymes that freshens the breath.

Neem Seed Oil

This is a powerhouse oil! Not only does it have antibacterial properties, it also helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the teeth. It can reduce and even in some cases reverse dental disease! It is a natural breath freshener as well.

Thyme Oil

This oil can reduce the bacteria that cause dental disease and gingivitis. Its natural antimicrobial properties will help prevent tooth decay and the eventual loss of teeth from dental disease.

How to use TruDog Dental Spray

All you have to do is spray it into your dog’s mouth once or twice a day. That’s it!

It is especially effective to use at bedtime, where it can work all night while your dog sleeps.

When used as directed, the TruDog Dental Spray works systematically with your dog’s saliva to coat the teeth and gums. There is no need to apply it directly to the teeth; your dog does all the work for you!

You should notice the breath freshening effects right away, and within 3-8 weeks you will see less tartar on your dog’s teeth.

Clean Me Dental Chews

TruDog makes dental chews in two sizes, small dog (5-25 pounds) and large dog (25 and up).

How It Works

Dental chews work in two ways.

First, they work by scraping plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth as they chew on them. The chews are designed to maximize the amount of tooth surface they come into contact with, leading to more mechanical action. This is basically similar to brushing your dog’s teeth.

The chews also contain ingredients that freshen the breath and eliminate the volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

How to Use

Give 1 chew once a day to promote fresh breath.

Chews work best when used with other oral care products. While they freshen the breath and remove plaque and tartar, they do not destroy the bacteria that cause dental disease. Using with a product (like TruDog Dental Spray or Gel) that softens tartar and kills bacteria will make the chews more effective.

Gel Me Doggy Dental Gel

This oral gel is a great way to deliver a powerful and effective breath freshener and bacteria fighter right to the source of the problem- Your dog’s teeth and gums!

How it Works

Like the TruDog Dental Spray, this product controls plaque and tartar and helps reduce the bacteria that cause dental disease. It contains the same ingredients as the dental spray (see above). Once applied to your dog’s gums, it bonds synergistically with your dog’s saliva and is distributed throughout your dog’s mouth.

It naturally reduces plaque, softens tartar and freshens your dog’s mouth. No more stinky breath!

How to Use

This is a bit more work than the dental spray, but it isn’t hard to apply.

Simply put the correct dose of gel on your finger or on a piece of gauze. Rub the gel along the gum line of your dog’s teeth, upper and lower. You can use it once a day as a preventative, or twice a day if there is a lot of tartar build-up.

Why We Love TruDog!

While TruDog is an affiliate of ours, we work with them because we like and trust their products. We love the high quality of their ingredients and that they are holistic and 100% all natural!

TruDog has excellent customer service, so if you ever have a question you know you can reach out to them for help.

They get top reviews from users, and many holistic veterinarians recommend their products highly.

Their products are backed with a 60 day money back guarantee! So there is no danger in ordering from them. If you are not happy with your purchase, just contact them within 60 days for a full refund.

If you are looking for easy to apply dental products for dogs, check out TruDogs website!

We are big fans of the TruDog Dental Spray, but their Dental Chews and Doggy Dental Gel are also great products that will help your dog‘s oral health. These products are inexpensive and will save you money. 

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