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For this week’s discounts I added 3 of my favorite shops. The first one is for anyone who loves to spoil their dog (guilty as charged!). I like to include things that could also be purchased for gifts. The following three meet the criteria.

PoochPerks – Free Shipping

Customized a box for your dog (or as a gift for someone else)

Decide what goes in the box

Pamper Your Pooch.

Click on the image below to get your discount.

Free Shipping Available

CanvasPop – 50% off

Turn your photos into ART. The best thing about this site is that you can create unique artwork that captures your family – including your dog(s) – in a way that brings plain pictures to life. These makes THE BEST gifts too.

Just click on the link below for your discount

Save up to 50% off on wall art using code “CANVAS50”

OR Click on this image for other special deals through CanvasPop


TruDog is a favorite because it really is curated from the ground up. You’ll love their About Us page because it speaks from the heart of someone who simply loved her dog and wanted a product that would meet her standards for dog care.

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