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Thundershirt for Dogs vs ProDOGG Compression Wrap

Products for Dog Walking

In addition to the creative products mentioned above, dog owners can also purchase a variety of helpful dog walking aids including the ThunderLeash, ThunderSnap, Dial-A-Distance (retractable dog collar), ThunderCollar and ThunderCover.

Customer Service

If you purchase a Thundershirt directly from the company, they offer a 45 day money-back guarantee. If, however, you purchase the shirt from another retailer (Amazon, for example), it’s important to read that retailer’s refund policy for details.

ThunderShirt products are made in the USA.

Highly Rated by Customers

Dog owners who use Thundershirts in combination with other therapies (sign up for the Secret 3 Tiered Approach to Cure Anxiety in Dogs) report the best outcome. Most dog owners reported significant improvement in behavior. Reviews ranged from owners who felt the compression vest was a miracle to some who saw an improvement, but not a total elimination of anxiety. Overall, the owners expressed a high-level of satisfaction with their purchase.

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