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Thundershirt for Dogs vs ProDOGG Compression Wrap

Easy to Put On

The Thundershirt for dogs offer easy-to-understand instructions along with photos to demonstrate how the vest should be worn. Each style of Thundershirt (classic, polo, sport, and rugby) are designed to be easy-on/easy-off.

They come in a nice variety of attractive styles and colors.


The makers of Thundershirt also offer a nice variety of add-on products like:


These are natural pheromones that mimic the mother’s scent. These products come in diffusers, collars, and sprays.

ThunderWunders Calming Chews

The chews are formulated for dogs and/or cats. Ingredients include melatonin plus chamomile, passion flower, ginger, thiamine and L-tryptophan. Ingredients may vary depending on the type of chew.


ThunderEssense is a line of essential oil products designed to establish a sense of calm in your dog or cat. They are available in drops or sprays and can be used in combination with a ThunderShirt.


ThunderCaps filter vision so that your dog can remain calmer when he/she becomes reactive to visual stimuli. The ThunderCap comes in different sizes and does not obstruct your pet’s ability to move around safely.


The ThunderCloud is something like a “white noise” machine. It’s designed to provide a distracting sound to drown out the sounds of things like fireworks or thunderstorms. There are 16 soothing sounds to choose from and it comes with a 30 day supply of essential oils from the ThunderEssence line.

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