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Thundershirt for Dogs vs ProDOGG Compression Wrap

You’re wondering about the differences between a Thundershirt for dogs versus the ProDogg sleeveless compression vest because you have a problem. In fact, you’re probably worried about your dog’s overall health and your ability to manage his/her anxiety.

Compression garments for dogs are designed to be a drug-free calming solution for dogs. If your dog has a tough time with travel, vet visits, separation anxiety, fireworks, or car rides, a compression shirt could be the perfect option.

This post will walk you through the pros and cons of the Thundershirt anxiety vest versus the ProDogg compression.

Thundershirt for Dogs PROS

The theory behind the Thundershirt (and other garments like it) is that dogs feel calmer and safer with constant but gentle body compression. It’s similar to swaddling a baby in a snug blanket.

As you read through the pros and cons of these two options, you’ll probably notice that they are a lot alike.


Available in a variety of sizes from XS to XL.

Buying a proper-fitting thunder shirt is important in addressing the problem.

The fit has to be snug for it to work. They’re adjustable, but you’ll want to get the closest fit possible.

Dogs feel safest when they’re snug and secure. Crates work great when your dog is at home, but what do you use when you need to travel or go outside of the home? This is where a Thundershirt comes in handy!

Machine Washable

The special patented fabric is conveniently machine-washable. However, don’t over wash. There’s comfort in the smells that come from a well-worn shirt and your dog will appreciate that.

The success rate of anxiety shirts is around 80% for all dogs when not combined with other therapies. A reflective logo keeps the small percentage of dogs who don’t respond to the vest safely visible.


Thundershirts for dogs are reasonably priced at anywhere between $40 and $50 plus shipping (depending on your geographical location). The size of the garment does not change the price.

Easy to Put On

The Thundershirt for dogs offer easy-to-understand instructions along with photos to demonstrate how the vest should be worn. Each style of Thundershirt (classic, polo, sport, and rugby) are designed to be easy-on/easy-off.

They come in a nice variety of attractive styles and colors.


The makers of Thundershirt also offer a nice variety of add-on products like:


These are natural pheromones that mimic the mother’s scent. These products come in diffusers, collars, and sprays.

ThunderWunders Calming Chews

The chews are formulated for dogs and/or cats. Ingredients include melatonin plus chamomile, passion flower, ginger, thiamine and L-tryptophan. Ingredients may vary depending on the type of chew.


ThunderEssense is a line of essential oil products designed to establish a sense of calm in your dog or cat. They are available in drops or sprays and can be used in combination with a ThunderShirt.


ThunderCaps filter vision so that your dog can remain calmer when he/she becomes reactive to visual stimuli. The ThunderCap comes in different sizes and does not obstruct your pet’s ability to move around safely.


The ThunderCloud is something like a “white noise” machine. It’s designed to provide a distracting sound to drown out the sounds of things like fireworks or thunderstorms. There are 16 soothing sounds to choose from and it comes with a 30 day supply of essential oils from the ThunderEssence line.

Products for Dog Walking

In addition to the creative products mentioned above, dog owners can also purchase a variety of helpful dog walking aids including the ThunderLeash, ThunderSnap, Dial-A-Distance (retractable dog collar), ThunderCollar and ThunderCover.

Customer Service

If you purchase a Thundershirt directly from the company, they offer a 45 day money-back guarantee. If, however, you purchase the shirt from another retailer (Amazon, for example), it’s important to read that retailer’s refund policy for details.

ThunderShirt products are made in the USA.

Highly Rated by Customers

Dog owners who use Thundershirts in combination with other therapies (sign up for the Secret 3 Tiered Approach to Cure Anxiety in Dogs) report the best outcome. Most dog owners reported significant improvement in behavior.

Reviews ranged from owners who felt the compression vest was a miracle to some who saw an improvement, but not a total elimination of anxiety. Overall, the owners expressed a high-level of satisfaction with their purchase.

Cons of Thundershirt for Dogs

There are very few significant cons for either type of compression vest, but a few worth noting include:

Velcro Wear & Tear

Dog owners who gave a two-star or less rating felt the velcro strap used to keep the Thundershirt snug tended to wear out quickly.

Doesn’t Always Work

The Thundershirt for dogs isn’t designed to be a “cure” for anxiety.

In fact, its effectiveness might be related to the type of anxiety your dog actually has.

It’s possible that the vest will work remarkably well in some situations and not at all in others. For example, extra measures may be needed during fourth of July fireworks.

ProDOGG Compression Wrap

ProDOGG is a company that offers a patented compression wrap along with accessories that include collapsible bowls, leashes, and LED collars. ProDOGG offers a similar compression vest to the Thundershirt, but with a sleeker, sportier design.


Available in a variety of sizes from XS to XL.

In addition to serving a variety of sized-dogs, ProDOGG offers 5 compression targeted zone panels and a curved design to ensure superior fit. The ProDOGG compression shirt is designed to fit a tiny chihuahua to a large German Shepherd (or larger dog).

The ProDOGG company is a division of InstantFigure, an apparel company that specializes in slimming shapewear along with other types of compression wear for people.

Machine Washable

This product is machine washable; however, it should only require a light wipe down after most uses.

Reflective Logo

The garment has a reflective logo that helps to keep your dog safe outside in the dark.


Unlike the ThunderShirts for dogs, ProDOGG offers prices dependent on garment size. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $70 plus tax and shipping (depending on your geographical location).


Easy to Put On

ProDOGG compression shirts for dogs are designed for quick and easy wear. They come in solid colors with the white logo detailing on the back. Please note that the logo is reflective for added safety.


Collapsible Water Bowl

These water bowls make it really convenient to offer your dog water wherever you go.

Bungee Leash

This type of leash is perfect for dogs who pull too much on walks or who startle easily. Using a bungee leash will help you keep your dog by your side.

LED Collar

The LED Collars sold by ProDOGG are designed to make your dog fully visible while walking during the evening hours.

Customer Service

ProDOGG will accept returns and/or exchanges. However, shipping is not refunded. In addition, there may be a small restocking fee.

Customer Reviews

Customers gave 4+ stars for the ProDOGG shirt but offered feedback on sizing. Some customers ordered the wrong size for their dog and found it difficult to determine which size was appropriate.

On quick glance, the fabric looks like a type of spandex, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

If in doubt, contact the company before ordering.

And the Winner Is…

They’re both excellent choices! The “winner” is the one that works best for your dog and your lifestyle. Both companies offer superior products for your dog.

The key to a successful purchase is to buy the proper size. Check their websites for sizing charts, read the FAQ’s, and when in doubt…contact the company!

Your Dog’s Comfort and Health is Priceless

The cost of continuous anxiety in a dog could amount to multiple trips to the veterinarian. Anxiety can result in behavioural disturbances, gastrointestinal upsets, etc. It’s important to get ahead of your dog’s fears and anxieties before they can wreck havoc on his/her bodily systems.

In addition, those behavioral problems can result in harm to you, your family, and your furniture. By purchasing a Thundershirt or a ProDOGG compression shirt, you’re doing a lot to help your dog feel safe, secure, and well-loved.

Please share this post so that others can make the right choice for their dogs! Please take a minute to let me know which choice you ultimately made and how well it worked.

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