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Welcome to Your Dog’s Health Matters.

I’m Lisa Theriault, the passionate founder behind this blog. With over 12 years of personal experience working with dogs, I have dedicated my life to understanding and improving their health.

Your Dog’s Health Matters Authority

Am I veterinarian? No, I’m not. That’s why I have a great team of licensed veterinarians who help validate this site’s content.

My number #1 promise is to bring dog owners like you the best, up-to-date information on dog health possible.

That means old posts will be rewritten and kept up-to-date while veterinarians work through new and archived posts to validate the facts.

Our Promise to Dog Parents

We go above and beyond to bring you the most helpful and quality content there is.

Every article, guide, and resource we provide is professionally researched and meticulously vetted by trusted veterinarians.

Wide Ranging Topics

Proper care and attention has a profound impact on a dog’s overall well-being.

From nutrition and exercise to preventative care and training tips, our blog covers a wide range of topics designed to address every aspect of your dog’s health.

Whether you’re a new dog owner seeking guidance or an experienced pet parents looking to expand your knowledge, Your Dog’s Health Matters is here as your go-to resource.

Meet Our Veterinarians!

Erica Irish, DVM

Sarah Ochoa, DVM

Paula Simona, DVM

Danielle Morosco, DVM

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Even with our helpful veterinarians, we don’t claim to offer medical advice.

Your own trusted veterinarian should be making the decisions on your dog’s health care. That said, we hope you learn and find the information you need from this site

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