Vegan Dog Alert! A NEW No-Footprint, High Quality Treat is Coming to Town.

I just found out about this new “super treat” coming to the retail shelves soon. The details were so exciting that I wanted to take a few minutes to share it with you.

Vegan Treats Touted as a “Game Changer”

There are many vegan food products on the market for people and their pets, but this one stands out from all the rest.  The company, Wild Earth, has created a vegan treat that will provide dogs with the exact nutrients, including protein, they need. 


Made in the USA

Wild Earth products are made in the USA using methods that do not leave a heavy environmental footprint. For vegans and dog owners, this is welcome news. At last, a high-quality product that is sustainable and locally sourced. 

The Science of the Process

I’m going to admit that I don’t know much (yet) about the exact process. but I can tell you this:

  • The microorganism (koji) is a cultured protein already being used in food around the world. 
  • This fungi will be the core ingredient of the vegan dog treats being readied for store shelves.
  • Essentially, it is processed down with a beet-sugar solution and pressed until it resembles something like tofu. 
  • The pressed product is then sliced and baked.
  • The final result is a cracker-like product appropriate for dog’s following strict vegan diets. 

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It’s For Every Dog!

Of course, your dog doesn’t have to be vegan to enjoy the nutrient-dense product! 

No Environmental Impact Makes the Treat Even More Palatable.

You can find out more about the founders of Wild Earth, Emily and Graham Wallington at their amazing website.  It’s instantly obvious that selling pet food products wasn’t their initial intent.  In fact, they strive to bring environmental and animal education around the globe and have installed various cameras in places you or I would likely never see.

This is one of those rare breeds of company that you can actually trust and get behind.

Wild Earth also has a blog where you can find out even more!

 Please visit their site and check it out!  As a side-note, I wanted to mention that I’m not benefiting financially from this. I just read about it and was wowed enough to zip off a quick post for you…my readers. 
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