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Lisa Theriault Biography


Lisa Theriault’s Biography

Lisa Theriault is particularly interested in dog health and enjoys the careful research that goes into creating each post. Lisa’s writing experience goes back many years and includes published fiction along with a variety of non-fiction articles.  National and provincial magazines like Canadian Gardening, Lifestyle Nova Scotia, and Commerce Magazine have published her work.

As Lisa approaches retirement from her regular 9 – 5, her goal is to build this blog to a respected site where people can get good information about their dog’s health.   She isn’t a veterinarian, which is why she always suggests contacting a licensed veterinarian for the final say on your dog’s condition.  Blogging is a relatively new passion for Lisa, a gig she started after taking a course through Brandon Gaille, the Blog Millionaire.

Through personal experience with her own two dogs and the continued education she seeks out, Lisa aims to be considered the next “expert” of dog blogs.  She looks forward to feedback and discussion with her readers.

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