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FURminator Reviews – Here’s What to Believe!

FURminator reviews rank pretty high and there’s a reason for that. I recently bought one from Amazon and haven’t regretted spending the extra money.

The first time I saw a Furminator was in a local pet store. It was around $90 and I thought the price was way too steep. Meanwhile, I was going out of my mind trying to keep up with my two shedding dogs.

I was putting way too much energy into sweeping and vacuuming dog hair.

I recently saw the Furminator brush on sale at Amazon and decided to go for it. The price was much cheaper than the one in-store but still relatively expensive. Let me tell you…it was money WELL spent because it works great.

THIS Brush is Brilliant

I bought the Furminator brush for long hair dogs. I have a golden retriever and pitbull mix. They both contribute their share of fur around the condo.

At one point I had so much fur in my hand I considered sticking a pair of googly eyes on it and giving it a name.

The first time I used the brush, the amount of fur removed was ridiculous. Instead of that fur ending up all over the floor, on my work pants, and sometimes in my food (gross, yes), it all ended up in the brush. When you read the FURminator reviews, you’ll almost be able to HEAR how happy the customers are.

All I had to do was press down on the button (otherwise known as the FURejector button) on the top of the handle. When you press the button, a stainless steel blade slides up and deposits the fur into your hand. It almost says, “Here you go m’lady.”

The brush even feels good. It has a sturdy, ergonomic fit with a non-slip handle that I really like. For me, it’s all about having a quality grooming tool. I suspect we’re getting a little leery of reviews in general, but I can honestly say that the FURminator reviews have lived up to their claims.

Here’s What I Call the Knock-Off Brush

Everything has a knock-off counterpart these days, even the FURminator. They kind of look the same and the descriptions sound deceptively similar. Compared to FURminator reviews, I have to admit they look pretty equal. Maybe I’m a brand snob. I just believe in the saying “you get what you pay for”.

Knock-offs are cheaper but I doubt they boast the same quality as any of the FURminator deshedding tools. The FURminator reviews say it all. It’s not often I find a product that pretty much has consistent 5 star ratings.

Full disclosure: I haven’t tried one of the knock-offs, so I can’t really compare.

I will say that I have a personal belief in buying the “real deal”. Cheap knock-offs are probably cheap for a reason. Do you want to buy several brushes over time, or one that really works well?

Watch this video to find out how to deshed and remove the undercoat of a German Shepherd.

The video above talks about using the FURminator once a month for German Shepherds. I don’t think there’s a set rule on it. As long as it’s not irritating your dog’s skin or causing problems, I can’t see why you can’t use it more often.

It’s Like a Fur-Facial For Your Dog!

I was shocked at the fine layer of dead skin that was removed when I used the brush. NO wonder my poor dogs were itching so much!

That said, the company recommends checking your dog for any signs of skin problems before using it. When you read the FURminator reviews, look for suggestions from other dog owners on how to best use the brush.

The brush actually removed a ton of dandruff and left both of my dogs super shiny!


I follow-up a ten or twenty minute brushing session with some coconut oil.

Coconut oil helps their dry skin and leaves their coats extra shiny.

I rub a little over my dog’s fur and then do one more brush to distribute the oil all over their bodies. It’s okay to get the cheap coconut oil for this!

Be careful on dogs with dermatitis, severe skin allergies, very sensitive skin, hot spots, etc. The brush is designed to reach through the topcoat and remove loose hair without cutting the skin.

You don’t have to put a lot of pressure (if any) when you’re using the brush.

The first time I used it on my large dogs, I was especially careful. Gradually, as they got used to the feel of it and I grew more confident, I did put a little pressure behind it…but not too much.

Fire the Professional Groomer!

Okay, that’s a little harsh. However, you’re going to notice a huge difference in your dog’s coat. The FURminator claims to reduce shedding up to 90% That’s the claim that really sold me.

The amount of hair dogs shed is astronomical. Shedding times can be all-year round, but you’ll notice the biggest fur-dump when the seasons change.

Most dog breeds shed a lot of fur in the spring. That’s when they get rid of their thick winter undercoat. You’ll see it happen again in the winter. That’s when they shed the summer coat and develop a nice thick protective layer for the cold winter months.

Now, if you live in an area where it never gets cold (please tell me where that is), your dog might have a totally different shedding cycle.

Check the FURminator Reviews for Yourself!

To be honest, I think it’s a stretch to say that it reduces shedding by 90%. However, I did notice a BIG DIFFERENCE in how much fur I have to sweep up. It’s definitely enough for me to feel good about recommending it.

The company also notes that the dramatic decline in shedding comes with regular use. You can’t just pick up the brush when you feel like it.

When you buy a FURminator brush, you’ll see instructions on the package. They recommend using their FURminator deshedding tools weekly to detangle, smooth, and remove excess hair.

Ten to Twenty Minute Intervals

Here’s the catch: You have to spend some quality time when using the FURminator. Frankly, I love it. It’s a great bonding exercise that helps reduce anxiety in me AND my dog.

How to Annoy Your Dog

If you really want to aggravate your dog, try brushing excessively in a single area. They really hate it when you don’t take the time to slow down!

Use long strokes over your dog’s back and sides. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on the brush.

Nipples Be Gone!

This might be a little crude, but please be careful around the naughty bits.

If you’re like me, you might get a little carried away with the brushing. The next thing you know you’re sliding over sensitive doggy areas, if you know what I mean.

That said, if you notice your dog’s skin becoming reddened or irritated (no matter where you brush), it might be a good idea to stop.

That wasn’t the case with my dogs, but some dogs are a lot more sensitive than others.

FURminator For EVERY Dog

First, I want to say that I’ve been talking a lot about the FURminator for a large dog with excess hair.

The FURminator makes all kinds of brushes according to your dog’s weight and length fur.

They are great for large or small dogs. Some people even use it on their cats. It easily removes the loose hairs on any dog breed, no matter the size.

Just be sure to buy the correct size brush for your pet.

Have I Sold You Yet?

As an Amazon affiliate, I do earn on qualifying purchases. However, I really don’t have it in me to make stuff up about products I know nothing about.

If I love something, I’m eager to tell you about it. It’s really that simple.

If you’re sick and tired of chasing fur bunnies all over the house, you might want to try a FURminator. Yes, you do have to commit to regular brushing.

This is a brush that’s going to last unless you accidentally drop it over a bridge. It comes with a safeguard that covers the blade and instructions on how to keep the thing clean.

Your Takeaway For The Day

In all honesty, I love the FURminator brush for long-haired dogs. It’s probably the best made grooming tool I’ve ever seen or used.

You know the deal with Amazon…you can always return an item if you’re not happy with it. To be honest, I haven’t even checked the refund policy on this brush because there’s no need to send it back.

If you have any questions for me about the FURminator, please feel free to reach out!

You can email me directly at or leave a comment in the form below.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read FURminator Reviews – Here’s What to Believe. I hope you found it useful.

Psst: If you buy it, let me know what you think!

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