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Fitbark vs Fitbark 2 – Your Helpful Guide

If you’re trying to decide between buying the Fitbark vs Fitbark 2, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s easy to get confused in the details when all you really want to know is which one is the best buy for my money.

This post is going to help you by comparing costs, features, and the add-on products you’re going to need. Have a look at this side-by-side comparison to help you make the choice possible.

What Does a Fitbark Do?

The Fitbark activity monitor and downloadable app is the perfect tool for keeping track of everything…not just activity. In fact, it’s so much more than just an activity tracker.

This attractive device (it’s in the shape of a cute dog bone!) measures sleep, activity, rest, and allows you to compare activity between dogs, set goals, and show off his/her profile to the world.

How Do You Use a Fitbark?

When you first purchase a Fitbark, it needs to be charged for 90 minutes before use. While waiting for the device to charge download the FitBark app for mobile iOS (Apple Store) or Android (Google Play).

The app will give you on-screen instructions to create a user profile and a dog profile.

Any iOS mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0 running iOS 12 or above will work. In addition, Android devices with Bluetooth 5.0 and above will work well with the device.

Build Your FitBark Community

Setting up the app requires you to set up your device following very easy instructions.

Once that’s complete, the real fun begins. At this point, you can invite other FitBark dogs (pack requests!) to share friendly competitions, share goals, show-off pictures, and motivate yourself to work alongside your dog for better overall health and fitness.

Introduce Your Dog to BarkPoints!

The Fitbark dog activity monitor gives you better perspective on how much activity your dog actually gets in a day.

Determining an accurate measurement for how many “steps” a dog gets in a day is complicated.

Instead, the makers of Fitbark came up with a proprietary way of determining activity by monitoring the your dog’s physical movements. The more your dog moves, the more BarkPoints he/she gets.

How Long Does Your Dog Stay Anxious After You Leave?

Dogs with separation anxiety are hard to leave behind. However, most of us have to work (how else can we afford dog treats?), and that might mean leaving your furry friend behind.

A Fitbark helps you to monitor your dog’s anxiety level when you’re not home. It has a built-in monitor that measures your dog’s rest versus active times.

It’s one thing to have a doggy cam to watch your dog, but the Fitbark goes a step further and actually monitors those tiny movements you can easily miss.

Find Out if Your Dog’s Medical Treatments Are Working!

If your dog is being treated for osteoarthritis, it might be a little difficult to eyeball whether it’s working or not.

Once you’ve setup a baseline of your dog’s current activity level you can then watch for signs of increased movement. Fitbark will keep your dog’s history so that you can compare the past to the present.

Why do you need a Fitbark for that? Unless you are with your dog 24/7 and feel pretty sure about the data, it’s better to let a device like the Fitbark do it for you.

The measurements are precise and the app makes it super easy to set goals and track progress. It’s fun, informative, interesting, and an amazing way to bring an entire canine community together.

Dermatitis Doesn’t Rest & Neither Does Your Dog

Does your dog have a skin condition like dermatitis? Dermatitis is a nasty condition that causes your dog intense itch, especially at night when he/she really needs some sleep. Once your dog is being treated for the condition, you can monitor your dog’s sleep score on the Fitbark.

Whether choosing between the Fitbark vs Fitbark 2, you’re in luck. Both devices offer sleep monitor scores. The higher the score, the better your dog is sleeping.

Friendly Dog Walking Challenge

How about a little friendly competition? Download the app, sign in, and gauge your dog’s fitness level against the world! Or just the chihuahua next door. It’s up to you.

The point is winning! When it comes to dogs and exercise, more is better, especially if you own a breed that needs A LOT of it.

Keep Track of Medication & Post Surgical Care with Fitbark Journal

The Fitbark app comes with a journal where you can post pictures (before and after, for example). There’s ample space to write notes on your dog’s progress including notes about when you last gave him/her medication or other care.

Share The Fitbark Insights with the Veterinarian!

All you need is your veterinarian’s email address (either personal or office) and type it into the Invite User section of the Fitbark app. This is especially useful if your dog is being monitored for health conditions, anxiety, or is recovering from surgery.

The Fitbark is a useful tool for monitoring weight loss, activity levels, anxiety levels, and more. Why wouldn’t your veterinarian appreciate this data?

Share Data with the Dog Sitter or Doggy Daycare

It’s hard to leave our dogs behind, but sometimes it has to be done. Whether it’s to go to work for the day or to go away on a vacation, there comes a time when a dog sitter, boarding service, or doggy daycare come into play.

If your dog is on medication, has a special diet, allergies, anxiety, requires more exercise, or even requires LESS exercise, the Fitbark is the perfect tool for sharing information.

No more writing notes on bits of paper or trying to remember everything to share with dog sitters. The Fitbark app is the perfect tool.

There is evidence that pet ownership can contribute to human health and feelings of happiness by increasing physical activity.

Carri Westgarth, Robert M Christley, Garry Marvin, and Elizabeth Perkins. I walk my dog because it makes me happy: a qualitative study to understand why dogs motivate walking and improved health. International
journal of environmental research and public health, 14(8):936, 2017.
Hayley Cutt, Billie Giles-Corti, Matthew Knuiman, and Valerie Burke. Dog own

Summary of Fitbark Uses for Dogs

Fitbark vs Fitbark 2 means nothing when it comes to the many uses these activity monitors can be used for.

The biggest difference between Fitbark and Fitbark 2 is the extremely long-lasting battery life. The original Fitbit had a battery life of

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep
  4. Illness
  5. Rehabilitation
  6. Anxiety
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. Dermatitis
  9. Dog Walker & Daycare
  10. Sports Training
  11. Motivation
  12. Human Health
FITBARK FeaturesFITBARK 2Features
Included in the BoxFitbark Activity Monitor
Collar Bands
Micro USB Charging Cord
Included in the BoxFitbark 2 Activity Monitor
Black Cover
8 Zip Ties
Charging Cable
Colors…Baby Pink
Light Blue
Cool Grey
Colors…Black – Purchase color options separately
Fits on…Fits any sized dogFits on…Fits any sized dog
Warranty1 YearWarranty1 Year
Battery Life10 – 14 days (depending
on sync frequency)
Battery Life6 months (depending on
sync frequency)
Optional PurchaseWiFi Base StationOptional PurchaseWiFi Base Station
Is FitBark Waterproof?Waterproof up to 1 meterIs FitBark Waterproof?Waterproof up to 1 meter
Fits Collars…No more than 1.18 inches wideFits Collars..All Sizes
Heart Rate Monitor?NoHeart Rate Monitor?No
PRICE of Fitbark Monitor$59.99 (approx – price
may vary slightly)
PRICE of Fitbark 2
PRICE of Additional PartsWiFi Base Station: $49.95
(see note)

Collar Bands – Comes with extra – contact Customer Support for more

PRICE of Additional PartsWiFi Base Station: $49.95
*not required; however, if
you don’t have a base
station, stores internally
until synced on a smart

ZipTies: $5.95 24/pk
Charging Cable: $9.95

Colored Covers $5.95
Note: Soft cases are washable and reusable.

Noteworthy Improvement in Fitbark 2 = LONG Battery Life

There are few small differences between the Fitbark vs Fitbark 2; however, the biggest improvement is the battery life.

Instead of needing to charge every ten days or so, you can go up to 6 months on a single charge with the Fitbark 2.

Frequent syncing tends to take up energy and that could reduce the overall battery life of your device.

Here’s What FitBark Can’t Do…

Fitbark devices are essentially activity and sleep monitors. The data can be interpreted in many ways as shown above. Fitbark activity monitors do not have GPS capability and, therefore, cannot find a lost dog or track a dog’s movements/whereabouts.

Fitbark activity monitors are not able to monitor your dog’s heart rate specifically, but they have been formulated to accurately track measurement of activity (BarkPoints).

Should You Buy a FitBark For Your Dog?

The decision to purchase a FitBark is completely up to you. If you worry a lot about your dog’s health then a Fitbark might be the perfect choice.

There’s nothing like cold hard data staring you in the face to tell you the truth about any situation.

It’s comforting to see how your dog measures up against other packs. More importantly, the Fitbark gives you a solid database where you can set goals and actually see them come to light.

Obesity in humans and pets has become an epidemic.

It needs to be addressed and the FitBark is one more way to manage that. It’s fun, easy, and quickly envelopes you in a friendly community of other like-minded dog owners.

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