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Easy Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Easy tips for first time dog owners is the perfect resource if you’re considering getting a dog.

You have pictured holding that puppy in your arms, thought about the first time taking him out for a walk and imagined how he will look as an adult.

But it also comes with a lot of responsibility, as puppies need to be nurtured in order to grow into healthy adult dogs.

As a first-time dog owner, you might have hundreds of questions. The solution is take things step by step, giving both you and the puppy enough time to adjust to the new living situation.

In an effort to help you out, we have prepared a number of tips – these are meant to make the adjustment period more enjoyable, but also to teach you how to take care of your pup, responsibly and effectively.

First-Time Dog Owners Should Prep

Before you actually go and pick up the puppy or dog, do some research on the subject. Find out everything there is to know about puppies, their need to socialize, adequate food and training. The more you know, the easier it will be to take care of your dog.

You can organize a list of things to do and buy, in accordance to the research you have made. Of course, there will be a lot of information to process, but if everything is organized into categories, you won’t have any difficulties.

After the dog comes into your home, do not hesitate to keep on reading and discover more on his/her care.

Basic needs should be met first

A dog needs proper shelter, preferably a corner of his own. You need to provide adequate nutrition, in accordance to his age and dietary requirements. Water must be accessible at any moment, and you should do your best to ensure plenty of opportunities for socialization. Physical care is as good for the first time dog owner as it is for the dog!

Only after you have met the basic needs of your dog, you can go ahead and worry about additional matters. Once again, it might help to learn about these basic needs and how to cover them before the dog comes home.

Do not forget about the first visit to the vet

Puppies need to be vaccinated against potentially life-threatening conditions, such as Parvovirosis. Moreover, as the dog grows up, he will need a good vet to look after him.

The specialist can follow the immunization schedule, provide treatment against parasites and make recommendations for the general health. In addition, your puppy will need to be spayed or neutered to help stop overpopulation and protect your dog from health problems later in life.

A good veterinarian will be able to supply first time dog owners with a wealth of resources to help them get started.

Upon going to the vet for the first time, do not forget to ask for the identification chip. If you lose your dog, he can be identified with the help of this chip.

Also, if you are planning on traveling overseas, you should make sure that the dog has an up-to-date passport.

Dogs need supplies, especially toys

As a first time dog owner, playing and exercising your dog will be your two top responsibilities. Getting a dog is an investment, because you are looking to provide him with the best possible quality of life.

You might want to purchase a soft dog bed and place it in his corner, as well as chewy toys. These are especially useful during the teething period, reducing the risk of damage around the house.

You might also consider getting non-slip bowls for food and water, as well as an adequate collar and leash for walking.

If you plan on walking your dog at night, there are glow-in-the-dark collars and leashes that can be purchased. Last, but not least, you might want to purchase a crate for transportation.

Quality food above all else

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The food that your dog eats contributes to him being healthy and thriving. Of course, nowadays, there are a multitude of dog foods from which to choose.

A thorough research will reveal the best option – what matters is that you opt for quality food, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Always choose a type of food that corresponds to the dietary requirements of your dog. And, remember, dogs might eat human food but not everything. For instance, chocolate can cause stomach upset and diarrhea, so you should stay away from it.

Early training for better behavior

The earlier the training is started, the quicker your dog will adopt the desired behavior(s). You can train the dog yourself or take him to a specialist, what matters is that you opt for gentle training and positive reinforcement.

With proper training, your puppy will turn into an obedient dog, listening to you without having to resort to force.

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In conclusion, these are some of the easiest tips for dog owners, helping you adjust to the new member in your home and ensure that everything goes fine. Take your time to bond with your puppy and, before you will even know it, you will become the best of friends.


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