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5 Superior Dog ACL Braces for Every Budget


Exgizmo Adjustable Dog Wheelchair – Hind Leg Rehab for Small Dogs

The ExGizmo Adjustable Dog Wheelchair obviously doesn’t fall into the dog knee brace category. However, the product does warrant some merit, especially if you have a small dog with a knee injury.

The wheelchair in the image above is designed to make it easy for your dog to get around independently while his/her leg heals. Rather than being confined to a bed with a leg brace, or made to sit for long periods in a kennel, some dog could benefit from the wheelchair approach.

This wheelchair is designed for dogs with acl dog knee injuries
This small dog can get around a lot easier with this wheelchair.

Provided the veterinarian is certain the chair will not do any harm, you might want to consider buying one. Your dog will love his independence and ability to explore his/her familiar surroundings!

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