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Dog ACL Brace Comparison

Are you looking for a dog ACL Brace? If your dog has a torn anterior cruciate ligament, you have two choices:  1) Go through with expensive surgery, or 2) Let it recover on its own. Unfortunately, torn ACL’s are painful and take forever to heal. Without surgery, your dog is left to weather the storm hopping around on three legs.

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Yes, dogs seem to be able to manage quite well on three legs, but a good dog ACL brace will ensure that the knee heals properly.  Let’s face it, not everybody can afford to put their dog through ACL surgery.  Prices vary depending on the clinic you visit, but you can expect the final bill to be a minimum of $1000 but most likely much more.

Use This Dog ACL Brace Comparison to Navigate the Options!

The only alternative to surgery for dogs with a torn ACL is to let it heal on its own.  In order to do that, your dog needs to refrain from exercises that will only make it worse.  By using a brace, you can help ensure that the bones and tendons are properly aligned.  

State of the Art ACL Braces for Dogs 

There are a lot of ACL braces available on the market. The trick is finding one that suits your dog. 

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When considering the right ACL brace for your dog, don’t automatically go to the cheapest one.  If you do, you’ll likely end up buying more than one in the time it takes for your dog’s knee injury to heal.

The following YouTube video shows you how to use kinesiology tape as a way to support torn ACL’s in dogs.

Look for medical grade braces that are well-made, come with a guarantee, and provide value for money.  The truth is knee injuries in dogs are common. They are also painful and take a long time to heal.  You will need a quality product to carry you and your dog through the recovery process.

Below, you’ll see comparison’s for three different types of knee braces for dogs.


The A-Trac Dynamic Brace offers:

Suitable for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Cranial Cruciate Ligament injuries (ACL and CCL refer to the same injury)

Offers an alternative to fixed axis hinge braces. Instead of just moving up and down, as most knee braces do, the A-Track Dynamic Brace is designed to allows for rotation in the knee joint.

The A-Trac Dynamic Brace website ( offers suggestions on how to measure your dog before placing an order.  In addition, they offer a variety of signs based on tibia length, dog’s weight,  and upper thigh circumference.

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Their website lists the retail pricing which ranges from $350 to $540 per brace.  You also have the option of buying comfort pieces like fleece for inner lining and binding strips.

Knee braces can be used for a variety of reasons outside of ACL tears.

My Pet’s Brace

My Pet’s Brace is a company that offers a variety of products including rear leg, ankle and tarsal braces. You can also purchase front leg ankle, wrist, and elbow braces.

Their custom-fit knee braces help avoid excessive irritation and rubbing. 

No bulky harness is required.

They offer medical-grade knee brace products.

Pricing ranges from $799 to $999.  Specific pricing will depend on your own dog’s specific needs.

Inexpensive Dog Knee Braces Online

Amazon has a wide variety of dog knee braces, each sold by different companies.  Visually, they don’t all appear to be of the same quality as the two companies noted above. 

If you decide to shop online, make sure the product you are buying is specific to your dog’s needs.  For example, there are hind hock braces that only fit over the ankle.  

Pricing is excellent compared to other companies.  If you’re only going to need a brace for a short period of time you might be able to get away with this kind of product.  Prices range from $27.00 upwards of $60.

Reviews vary widely depending on the company. The best reviews on point to NeoAlly.

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NeoAlly dog knee braces is available on through third-party sellers. They offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

These braces are made of neoprene and nylon which is relieves friction or irritation in your dog. 

The product also has reflective material to provide added safety at night.

The Choice is Yours

Customized ACL dog braces are made to fit your dog and, for that reason, it may not be possible to get a refund.  Companies who offer medical-grade products are pretty confident that you’re going to be happy with your purchase.

The product is made with an angled design to help prevent the brace from sliding down.  In addition, their braces can be hand-washed (let dry naturally).  Measurements range from XS to XL.

To Sum It Up:

Choosing the appropriate leg brace for your dog depends on what you can realistically afford, veterinarian recommendations, and how much use you will get out of the brace.

If you have multiple dogs, buying a medical grade ACL dog brace might be the best idea over the long-term.  However, if your looking for inexpensive stability as an aid, you might want to check out some of the cheaper options online. 

Some veterinarians might be selling a particular brace and, of course, they will want to promote that item. You don’t have to purchase that ACL knee brace.  Ask the veterinarian what to look for in a good quality knee brace and start researching.  Hopefully, this comparison guide has given you a start in the research process.

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