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What I Stand For

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your Dog’s Health Matters is designed to provide the information you’re looking for, without hype and fear-mongering. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, I’d like to fill you in on the “real me”, the person behind the blog.

It goes without saying that I adore dogs. I’m convinced that my two dogs (a lab and a pitbull mix) have added years to my life from the sheer laughter they’ve given me. Hey, I realize I’m preaching to the choir, because if you didn’t feel the same way, you wouldn’t be here. Writing this blog is a natural fit for me, even though I am not a veterinarian.  

Here’s What I Can Promise

My ultimate promise is to never offer any information that I believe could hurt you or your dog. I research everything and make a conscious effort not to regurgitate what everyone else does. Instead, I look for medical journals and reports, documents that are backed by science. Sometimes, unfortunately, I don’t understand the medical jargon. In that case, I either try to learn or I look elsewhere.

Even though I do my best to bring you the RIGHT information, please don’t use my blog as your final resource.

Come Back!

I hope you’ll spread the word about Your Dog’s Health Matters and visit more than once. I’m especially interested in learning more about you, the dog owners who take the time to learn and invest in their pets. I invite you to email me directly at [email protected] to share your dog photos, stories, and experiences with me.

What Else Can I Do For You?

If I’m not writing the things you’re looking for, PLEASE let me know. I can take it! It’s really important for me to understand what you want and need. Let me know what type of posts you want and I’ll do everything I can to publish that type of content.

Lisa Theriault
Your Dog’s Health Matters
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