The Honest Truth About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your Dog’s Health Matters is designed to provide the information you’re looking for, without hype and fear-mongering. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, I’d like to fill you in on the “real me”, the person behind the blog.

It goes without saying that I adore dogs. I’m convinced that my two dogs (a lab and a pitbull mix) have added years to my life from the sheer laughter they’ve given me. Hey, I realize I’m preaching to the choir, because if you didn’t feel the same way, you wouldn’t be here. Writing this blog is a natural fit for me, even though I am not a veterinarian.  

As I mentioned above, I just want to offer accurate and reliable dog healthcare information to people who appreciate and love their dogs. Like you! Sometimes the facts are hard to take, but I’ll never present them in a way designed to purposely freak you out. If I do, make sure to call me out on it.

My name is Lisa Theriault, and I was born in November, 1967. I grew in Nova Scotia, Canada, in a small town. Although I feel as if I grew up like an only child, I have two sisters who are 16 and 18 years older than me. The thing is, by the time I was old enough to interact with my sisters, they had already moved out of the house. I was the much younger sibling who was loved and deeply spoiled. 🙂

I was a weird child and, some might say I’m still weird. Doesn’t matter. I love who I am!

I started writing in elementary school. At first it was short stories that the teacher would let me read to the class. I created my own magazine that I called The Weekly Weirdo and sold it to my only friend, Rachel. She used her lunch money to buy it and, to this day, I’m not sure how I convinced her to do that. I thought it would be cool to cut out phrases from different magazines and past them together so that it looked like a serial killer had written it. I know….weird! You have to admit it’s pretty funny, right? Remember: This was waaaaaay before the digital age. I actually sat down in the middle of the living room floor with old magazines, scissors, and glue.

As I grew up, I continued to write. I won first place for a short story in high school and, years later, had some of my stories published. I dabbled in freelance writing (non-fiction) for a while but didn’t like it.

I’m making my life sound pretty upbeat and hilarious (which it was…sometimes), but there was always a dark cloud hanging over me. I grew up in an age where words like “anxiety” and “depression” were not spoken aloud and you CERTAINLY wouldn’t pin those on a young girl. As my mother used to say, “What’s there to be depressed about?” My father called me “Sad Sack” which was the name of a character in an old comic strip.

I prefer to think that I was a DELIGHT to raise. My parents may have had a different take on it. At the time, they didn’t understand what depression was or that some types of anxiety go above and beyond the normal stresses of childhood. I don’t think I ever told them just how bad it was. My mother used to tell me to “smile more often”. I was a nervous wreck all of the time. I developed rituals and compulsions that involved swiping my hand across my lips over and over again (still do this when I’m tired or nervous!). I picked at my scalp until it bled. I had horrible nightmares that were gruesome and terrifying. And yet somehow I got through it all. My parents (both deceased now) never knew the half of it because I kept it inside. It wasn’t until I had my first baby and went through postpartum depression that I finally got a diagnosis and life-saving medication.

What Does THIS Have to Do With Dogs?

Well, nothing really. I just really wanted to share my story with you. Getting a glimpse into my life might help you understand the level of empathy and care I have for those without a voice….like animals. They’re so vulnerable! People do terrible things to dogs and I can’t stomach it. Please don’t send me any horrific pictures or stories about abuse. Mentally, I am not able to process that. I wish I could change the world, but I can’t. The best I can do is write this blog that – hopefully – helps dog owners care for their fur babies the best way possible.

Here’s What I Can Promise

My ultimate promise is to never offer any information that I believe could hurt you or your dog. I research everything and make a conscious effort not to regurgitate what everyone else does. Instead, I look for medical journals and reports, documents that are backed by science. Sometimes, unfortunately, I don’t understand the medical jargon. In that case, I either try to learn or I look elsewhere.

I invite comments, criticism, and feedback every step of the way. If I’m wrong, I correct it immediately. Dog health can get pretty complicated! That’s why they have these people called “veterinarians” who’ve invested a lot of time and money into solid education. Even though I do my best to bring you the RIGHT information, please don’t use my blog as your final resource.

Come Back!

I hope you’ll spread the word about Your Dog’s Health Matters and visit more than once. I’m especially interested in learning more about you, the dog owners who take the time to learn and invest in their pets. I invite you to email me directly at [email protected] to share your dog photos, stories, and experiences with me.

What Else Can I Do For You?

If I’m not writing the things you’re looking for, PLEASE let me know. I can take it! It’s really important for me to understand what you want and need. Let me know what type of posts you want and I’ll do everything I can to publish that type of content.

Is It Too Soon to Ask a Favor?

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Hey, thanks for reading! I hope you’ll reach out to me soon.

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