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How to Potty Train an Older Dog

If you’re wondering how to train an older dog, you’ve come to the write place. Whether you have just adopted an older dog, or your existing senior has taken a backslide in potty training, it can be frustrating to deal with an accident-prone pooch. Don’t give up! An old dog CAN learn new tricks, and …

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Calming Music for Dogs

Calming music for dogs is a new concept to me that I find intriguing. Think about it:  Music affects people in a number of ways. When I hear a song that was popular in my teens, I’m immediately brought back to that place. Certain songs can literally lift me out of the blues, or center …

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Dog Prozac Aggression FAQ’s

Dog Prozac aggression can mean two things.  1) It might be that your dog has become aggressive because of Prozac (rare)  2) It can also mean that your dog is being treated for aggressive behavior. Please read my privacy policy and disclaimer.This post contains affiliate links. If you are afraid your dog is going to hurt someone, you …

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