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5 Indestructible Dog Toys for Any Dog

I know what it’s like to try and find indestructible dog toys for pit bulls.  My pit mix, although not nearly as strong as some other dogs, easily slices through most of his toys as if they were cookies. I thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse into some of the top-rated toys. I’ve tried a few of the toys listed below, and my favorite hands-down is the Kong. My dog has carried that around for years without so much as a scratch.
Again, I really want to stress that what is indestructible for one dog, could be entirely dismantled by another dog.  My advice is to put the toys away if you’re not going to be home for a few hours, or if your attention is going to be diverted.  The minute a toy or a ball splits in half I toss it in the garbage. My neighbor’s pit bull split a huge Kong in half and ended up with a severe intestinal blockage!

5 Indestructible Dog Toys for Any Dog

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tried ALL of these toys. This post was written based on top reviews. I’m pretty good at eye-balling dog toys (lots of practice) as well. 

#1  Indestructible 10 inch Large Dog Ball in Orange  (Photo is in the carousel above)

This toy is touted by the company as “The Toughest Dog Ball on the PLANET!” 
From what I could see, the overall reviews seemed to support the claim, but I would still pay attention – just in case.  The company describes the ball as a “durable dog toy that come in two sizes. Most of the dog balls are designed with ridges, holes or indentations. These ensure that your fetching Labrador retriever has an easy time grabbing the ball and toting it back to your waiting hands without dropping it along the way. Our dog balls also float, enabling hours of splashing retrieval from backyard pools, creeks and ponds or shoreline and lakeside retreats.”
This toy is dishwasher safe and crafted in the United States. It is non-toxic and…to be honest…sounds like fun.



2.    SoCal Bully Pit Bull Spring Pole – (1) Dog Conditioner – Muscle Builder with (1) $15 Value Heavy Duty 3 Knott Tug Rope Toy Included!  (Photo is in the carousel above)

I love watching people play with their dogs and I’m always amazed at how strong certain breeds are (i.e., bully breeds)! Dog toys for pit bulls are getting better these days. Companies know how much you love  your dog and they want to make sure you’re impressed right from the get-go.  I chose this toy because the idea of sitting in my Adirondack chair with a coffee while watching my pit bull mix play with this sounds appealing. 



According to some reviewers, it’s important to start with the toy only a few feet off the ground to encourage puppies to play.  This is a great toy to start a puppy on, before he/she expects YOU to be the entertainer. I made the mistake of doing that with my dogs. Now they don’t know how to entertain themselves. I’m sure you read in the disclaimer above that I haven’t tried all of the toys in this review.  However, not going to lie….I might just order this one. It’s worth trying out! Reviewers are saying that this particular toy really wears ’em out.

3. Antler Dog Chews Large 3-Pack Save big 7-in long natural sheds from Texas

Okay, I realize that antler dog chews aren’t exactly “toys”, but they last a long time and keep your dog entertained.  I would buy these before I’d ever give my dog another type of bone. Things like chicken bones, for example, tend to splinter in a dog’s mouth.  To be honest, I’m always a little worried about my dog accidentally choking.  Regardless of what I give my dogs, I’d make sure to stick around…just in case.  

My biggest beef (pun intended) would be buying the antler dog chews and then losing them!   Then again, my dogs would love them so much I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t lose them accidentally.  They might store them somewhere though.



The review, of course, was stellar on this product.  Full disclosure:   There was only one review. But it was good! Any product that can keep my dogs busy “up to 2 hours straight” is worth the money in spades.  Is it just me?  I mean, I love my dogs, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a minute to not play ball! 


4.  Dog Rubber Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers Puppy (Small Medium Large) Dogs Breeds Rotatable TPR Pet Tooth Cleaning

So maybe I don’t get out much, but it really wasn’t until recently that I noticed you can buy toys and stuff food into them.  I know, I’m an idiot. I’ve HAD those things for my dogs, but it didn’t really clue in that those empty spaces were there for a reason.  I can see your eyes rolling!   You know how puppies love to chew everything including your ankles, wrists, clothes, and power cords? I have a good feeling that this rubber chew toy would take care of that in a hurry. At least it would keep him/her busy for a while and (hopefully) relieve that urge to chew.

KIND OF FUNNY:  The seller posted this notice to all potential buyers:  Diameter: 7CM, made of non-toxic soft safety rubber material, BPA-frees. DON’T buy this product from these seller named “Meiso Online”, This is a FAKE seller. You’ll never get the order.


The reviews were excellent for this toy.  It’s worth stressing that the toy is really for smaller dog breeds and/or puppies.


Kong EXTREME dog pet toy Dental chew Size:  Large Packs:  Pack of 2

Now we’re getting into familiar territory. I love Kong toys for my dogs. They are seriously the only toy that hasn’t been chewed through.  Yes, we have lost a few of them, but that was mostly my fault for being a sucky ball thrower.  This particular toy is large, but you can get a variety of sizes at your local pet supply store, department store, or online shop.


One particular reviewer raved about the Kong and how her 70 pound Coon Hound wasn’t able to chew through it. I mean, that’s pretty amazing, right? She goes on to rave about the product being dishwasher safe which is kind of weird because who puts a Kong in the dishwasher?  Anyway…she also says the toy is freezer safe.  I’ve never thought to freeze the treats but it’s a great idea in hot weather or when you really reaaaaallly want to stretch out dog-treat-time.

The Kong got 5/5 stars.


At the end of the day, the most important thing is your dog’s safety.  I want to reiterate that I haven’t personally tested all of these products and – like any product – I suggest keeping an eye on your dog while they have a toy in their mouths.  You already knew that; I just had to say it.  I was serious earlier when I mentioned digging out my credit card to buy these toys.   I have a suspicion that even the smaller ball would go far with treats in it.  My dogs are strong, but they’re not stupid.  They would make sure all the treats were eaten long before they destroyed the ball itself. 

I hope you enjoyed this review on “indestructible” dog toys.  Don’t forget to share the post and make sure you stick around to read more.  New to the site?  Start at My Story to find out more about me.  Don’t worry…it’s not nearly as boring as my author bio below.