Dogs with Cancer

This category covers the unfortunate reality of dogs with cancer. Just like people, dogs are susceptible to various types of cancer as they age. There are a variety of reasons for this including age, weight, breed, environmental factors, etc.

You will find information on mast cell tumors, tumors of the spleen, and various skin cancers within this category.

In addition, posts will discuss how veterinarians diagnosis and treat various cancers. You’ll find suggestions on how to proceed when you have  including the pros/cons of medications, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Dealing with cancer in dogs is difficult and scary. The important thing is early diagnosis and  veterinarian attention.

It’s important to understand that many dogs are able to tolerate chemotherapy and radiation in a different way than most people. They don’t typically experience the same discomfort  as we would.

Cancer in dogs is scary, but in many cases it can be treated and your dog can go on to live many more years.

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