Dog Medication

Dog medication is a category that details the many types of prescription and non-prescription drugs available for dogs.

This category deals with everything related to dog medications including the costs, side-effects, pros and cons. In some posts, you’ll find alternatives to drugs that might work just as good.

If your veterinarian recommends any kind of medication for your dog, it’s important to understand the instructions, the reasons for prescribing, and what you can expect.

Posts in this category include things like Apoquel for Dogs and the Right Gabapentin Dosage for dogs.

What is Serotonin Syndrome in Dogs?

Serotonin Syndrome in dogs is most often caused by accidental ingestion of owner’s medication.  This is especially dangerous if the dog is already on medication to begin with. Antidepressants on their own are generally safe. Dangerous interactions can occur if combined with certain medications.   The safety of antidepressants in dogs has to be measured …

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