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Calming Music for Dogs

Calming music for dogs is a new concept to me that I find intriguing. Think about it:  Music affects people in a number of ways. When I hear a song that was popular in my teens, I’m immediately brought back to that place. Certain songs can literally lift me out of the blues, or center me during yoga practice. It makes sense that it would work for dogs.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the idea behind calming music for dogs. What works for some dogs, might not work for another. However, there are some basic concepts to keep in mind and I’m going to share those with you. 

The Science of Calming Music for Dogs 

It’s not easy to find hard-core data to prove the effects of calming music for dogs, but from an objective point of view, it certainly makes sense. Whatever affects your mood and energy affects your dog. 

ScienceDaily published an article in 2015 (Sage publications) with a summary that reads:

“It is widely accepted that, in humans, music confers numerous benefits. An extensive body of research indicates that these benefits extend even to patients under general anesthesia, and include reduced perceived pain, anxiety and stress.”

You might also be interested in reading a study on calming music for dogs. In this instance, the dogs were kenneled and observations were made as to whether dogs were calmest based on the genre of music.

Musical Myths  – Heavy Metal

Studies show that listening to heavy metal music (typically defined as loud, angry music with negative effects), does more to boost the psyche of the person who chooses to listen. Why? The music matches that person’s physiological arousal. It’s like being validated for the way you feel, and that’s a good feeling!  However, that might not translate well to your dog.

Should I play Heavy Metal Music for my Dog?

Ultimately, your dog won’t be harmed  by any music you decide to play, provided it’s not too loud for your dog’s sensitive ears.  Loud, jarring blasts are just going to be uncomfortable for your dog. And your grandmother. 

If you’re looking for calming music for dogs, it makes sense to find music that is inherently calming for you. I’ve read various things about reggae and rock being the elixir for anxious dogs. I’ve also read that classical music is truly the way to go. Personally, I think that whatever music relaxes you will relax your dog. 

The Ripple Effect of a Calm Mood

The secret to finding calming music for dogs, is finding the one that works for you. Dog owners understand just how in tune our dogs are to our emotions. If you’re projecting negative emotions, your dog is going to pick up on that. 

My suggestion is to find music that you really love, even if it is heavy metal. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I believe (with no scientific data to back me up!) that if your environment is happy, your dog’s environment will be the same.

Searching For Stress Relief?

Millions of people all over the world seek ways to relieve anxiety in their dogs. Separation anxiety is a big issue that creates unnecessary stress between dog owner and dog.

As dog owners, we seek all types of ways to relieve stress in pets including antidepressants like Prozac, essential oils, massage, acupuncture, and sometimes a change in diet. We look for the perfect beds and the best place in the house for our dogs to rest.

Best Calming Music for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

REVIEWS are excellent for Through a Dog’s Ear sound system. This product plays 5 hours of classical piano to soothe and calm dogs during stressful times. The benefit of purchasing this is that you don’t have to spend hours combing through your music library. It’s pre-set and ready to go!  I’m all for convenience and, frankly, I’m willing to pay a little more for it. If it saves time and does what it says it’s going to do…I’m in. 

Calming Music for Dogs – RECOMMENDATIONS

The following suggestions are just a sampling of the various choices of music available. 

Sleep Music for Dogs 

Noise is exhausting. No matter how much you say you’re used to it, it still affects you on a molecular level. 

We have a way of blocking out familiar sounds in order to be able to function normally. However, that cute little puppy you just brought home might be frightened. To help ease the transition, why not incorporate calming music for dogs into the nighttime ritual? 

Here are a few more music selections you could try:

Reflections of Nature. 

Ocean Waves 

Relaxing Rain

Through a Dog’s Ear, Music to Calm Your Canine Companion

One Final Note You Should Be Aware Of:

Like us, dogs need sleep as much as they need exercise and optimal nutrition. When stress and anxiety get in the way, these important elements are disrupted. 

I’ve suggested a few nature CD’s, and I know from experience that they work. However, some CD’s incorporate “storm sounds” that might not be especially calming for your dog!  You may want to listen to the CD yourself before depending on it in a stressful situation.

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