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99 Reasons to Buy a Pebby Dog Toy

I’m going to give you 99 reasons to buy a Pebby dog toy because nobody likes to leave their dogs at home alone.

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Every dog owner knows “the look”.  You’ve got your keys in your hand and one foot out the door. You tell your dog you won’t be long, but you both know it will be a while before you get back home from work. 

I nearly went out of my mind when I first discovered the Pebby dog toy.  It’s more than a convenient gadget, this is a toy that will take away that “I’m sorry but I have to go to work” guilt.

99 Reasons to Buy a Pebby Dog Toy

1. Get to Work Guilt Free

I don’t know about you, but I really hate leaving my dog at the door every morning.   Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I swear those big brown eyes are pleading with me to stay.  The Pebby dog toy can be activated from work. It will actually interact with your dog to keep him/her busy while you’re gone.

2.  No More Messy Surprises

Bored dogs will soon find something to do…like clean off your kitchen counter if they’re tall enough.

As a dog owner, I’m pretty sure you’ve come home to find something destroyed.  My golden retriever destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of shoes when she was a puppy.  I suspect a Pebby dog toy would have kept her too busy to chew my things.

3. Dog Anxiety be Gone

Dogs want to be with you, not left alone.  Dogs with separation anxiety need more than just something to do, they need something to interact with. The Pebby dog toy gives you an opportunity to actually talk to your dog while you’re away.   When you notice signs of anxiety, just say hello!

4. Produce a Viral Video

I’m positive that my dogs do the best stunts when I’m not home. Imagine the one-of-a-kind videos you’ll be able to take as your dog chases the ball around the house.  Did I tell you the ball can actually chase your dog, too?

5. Your Dog will Get More Exercise

No dog can ignore this toy.  He/she is not going to be able to lounge around with a robotic ball enticing a round of playtime. Every minute your dog used to spend sleeping will now be spent jumping and running around the house.

6. Hello? It’s a Smart Robotic Ball!

Do I need to continue with the rest of the reasons to buy a Pebby dog toy? Okay, I will.  If you’re anything like me, you love new technology. The best thing about this technology is that it helps you to have a direct connection with your dog all day long, every day.

7. Safe for Every Dog

One of my dogs is a retriever-pit bull mix.  He has a pretty strong bite.  However, the Pebby dog toy says it is good for all dog sizes and abilities. No breaking or shattering.

8. Long Lasting Toy

The makers of the Pebby dog toy have tested it over and over again to make sure it wouldn’t under the crushing weight of your dog’s jaw.  This isn’t the kind of toy you buy and forget about.  This robotic ball will last for many years.

9. Jealousy Factor

There’s nothing I love more than talking about new technology.  I guess that makes me a geek AND a dog lover.  I’m going to love explaining how this toy works to my friends, family, and coworkers.  They can get jealous all they want, or they could buy one for their own dogs.

10. Wireless Charging

The Pebby dog toy offers convenient wireless charging.

11. Long Battery Life

No need for frequent charge-ups.  The battery is designed to hold its charge for a long time.

12. Easy camera and video access

It’s hard to think of this robotic ball as “just a toy” because it isn’t.  Instead of chasing your dog around with a smart camera hoping for a good shot, those opportunities will always be right at your fingertips.

13. Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology essentially gives you more reliable connections.

14. Wifi enabled

Convenience! You can snap pictures,s take videos, and upload them immediately. Just make sure your boss isn’t watching.

The following video will give you a good visual of the Pebby dog toy in action.

15. Secure Network

You can watch your dog from anywhere in the world through your wifi, without worrying about hackers.

16. 2 Way Communication

The Pebby dog toy lets you communicate with your dog no matter where you are in the world!

I7. It Barks & Nudges

There are a lot of fun features with this toy, but the fact that it actually nudges and “barks” at your dog is priceless.

18. Talk to your Dog When You’re at Work

I would love to be able to say NO and watch the look on my dog’s face as he approaches the kitchen counter.  Do that a few times and your dog will be trained to behave without even having to be there.

19. No More Work-From-Home Interruptions

My dog likes to dump toys on my lap when I’m trying to work from home.  Actually, I have two dogs and neither one of them cares if I’m working or not. For them, it’s play time all the time.  With the Pebby dog toy I can automate it to play with the dogs, so I don’t have to.

20. Cutting Edge for Gadget Lovers

I might have mentioned this earlier, but who doesn’t love new technology that involves dogs and makes your life easier?

Of course, this is the ultimate Cadillac of pet toys. If you’re a little intimidated by the ultimate technology, you could try something like the Toys “R” Us Pets Lazer Bot, a ceiling mounted laser pointer. 

21. Makes an Awesome Gift

Once this toy takes off, everybody will have one. However, until then, you get to be the first person to introduce it to your friends and family. Makes a great present for any occasion.

22. Reasonably Priced

I honestly held my breath when I clicked on the Pre-Order button from the company’s website.  I thought the price would be astronomical, but it’s not!  It’s definitely within my price range.

23. Glossy Design

These things are mesmerizing to watch and come with interchangeable designs.

24. Control via Smartphone

You can control the robotic Pebby dog toy from anywhere with your phone.

25. Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Dog

Uh, actually, your dog might decide he doesn’t need you anymore! Just kidding. Once he gets used to the ball he’s going to practically push you out the door in the morning.

26. Play Inside OR Outside

You can use the Pebby dog toy inside the house, or outside.

27. Robotic Pet Sitter

You’re still going to want to get someone to watch your dog if you’re going to be away overnight, but with this ball there’s no need to pay for a dog walker

28. Keep Your Dogs out of the Kitchen

I’m sure you have an off-limits part of your home that your dog ALWAYS gets into the minute you turn your back?

29. Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

Busy dogs wondering why that ball is chasing him!

30. No Choking Hazard

Guaranteed not to split and crack.

31. No More Tennis Balls

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars over the years on tennis balls.

32. No More Slimy Balls

I used to throw the tennis ball for my dogs with my bare hands and it was disgusting. With the Pebby dog toy, you don’t even have to touch it (except to put it away).

33. Earn Your Dog’s Respect

Okay, maybe I’m stretching it a bit here but seriously, you WILL be the best dog owner ever.

34. Combine it With a Treat Dispenser

Can you imagine if you had an automatic treat dispenser on one side of the room and a Pebby dog toy on the other?  You could reward your dog for all the extra exercise he/she is getting!

35. Ramp Up the Steps on Your Dog’s Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers for dog are relatively new, but they’re selling fast.  Everybody knows that dogs need exercise to be healthy, which is why they are using doggie fitness trackers to keep track.  Those numbers are going to climb after your dog spends a couple of days running around with the Pebby dog toy!

36. No More Leash Pulling

One of the reasons dogs pull on the leash when you take them for a walk is pent up energy. The other reason is because he thinks he’s the pack leader…but that’s another post.  The Pebby dog toy will help tire out your dog so that when it’s time to take him/her for a walk, there shouldn’t be so much pulling on the leash.

37. No More Depressed Dog

Some dogs just look sad all the time. Sometimes it’s just the way the breed looks, and other times the dog is actually depressed.  Exercise is a good way to ward off depression for both you and your dog.

38. You Won’t Get the LOOK When You Leave the House

Might have mentioned this earlier in the post, but BOY do I feel guilty when I leave for work in the morning.   Knowing I can watch my dog and even interact with him while I’m away would make it a lot easier.

39. Doggy Data! Analyze Your Dog’s Rest, Play, and Behavior

If you love analytics as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed. The Pebby dog toy tracks all of that information.  Just log into the special Pebby dog toy app and read.

40. Easy to Use

The technological part has already been done for you.  This is basically a plug-and-play toy. As long as the battery is charged, you’re good to go.

41. Downloadable Pebby Companion App

A robotic, remote control ball that acts as a pet sitter and personal trainer would be nothing without an app.  Okay, it would still be really cool.  The app just makes it even better by storing your dog’s data.

42. Collars Fit All Dog Sizes

The Pebby dog toy comes with collars designed to fit every dog. Just order the size you need at the time of purchase.

43. Auto-Play Functioning!

There’s a reason they call what you do every day “work”.  When you’re too busy to manually operate the toy, you can set it to play and walk away.

44. Wireless Charging

I don’t have enough chargers in my house, but with this toy I don’t need a charger.

45. Endurance Factor – I’ll Bet You Can’t Play that Long

Let’s face it, no matter how young you are, you just can’t throw the ball for hours.  Okay, maybe you can.  I can’t.  And I don’t want to.   This toy really helps to squeeze out all of that pent up energy.

46. No More Lost & Broken Toys

The Pebby dog toy is like 10 toys in one. Maybe more!  If I could take back all of the money I’ve spent on cheap toys that broke on the first day, I’d be rich.  This won’t happen with the Pebby dog toy.

47. Works on Carpet

This toy has been tested and found to work on carpeted areas.

48. Works on Flat Surface

Hardwood floors? Tiles? The ball will work!

49. Comes with Interchangeable inner and outer caps

If you’re like me, you get bored easily. I like lots of variety and color. The dog might not care, but I like knowing I can change up the way something looks whenever I want too.

50. No Maintenance

This is an incredibly advanced toy that doesn’t require advanced housekeeping.

51. One-Year Limited Warranty

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

52. Environmentally Friendly

How many broken toys and tennis balls have you sent to the landfill? The Pebby dog toy will last so long that you won’t have to do that anymore.

53. Return if Defected

I love being able to order something without worrying about being stuck with it.  If you happen to come across any defect in the product (you won’t), you have the option to return.

54. Camera Features 1080 Wide Angle Fisheye Camera

When I tell people about this toy, they say, “Yeah, but how big is the camera lens?”  Well, it’s 1080 wide angle and captures your dog’s antics from every angle.

55. Two-Way Audio

Not only can your dog hear you, you can hear your dog.

56. Night Vision!

Does it get any cooler than this?  If you work evenings or even if you’re just out on the town for a couple of hours, the Pebby dog toy can find its way all around the house in the dark.

57. Water Resistant

I wouldn’t toss the ball into the bathtub, but if it gets a little wet, you don’t have to worry.

58. Fun Times!

I just love watching funny dog videos and I appreciate the people who share them with me.  This could be you!

59. Belly Laughs

Scientific studies have proved that big belly laughs are good for you.  As adults, we probably don’t belly laugh nearly enough. We’re too serious! Watching your dog jump around while interacting with the Pebby ball will fix that problem.

60. Cats Love it Too

Have cats?  No problem. They love this too.

61. Laser for Cat Play

The Pebby dog toy easily turns into a cat toy with a built-in laser.

62. Get All Your Pets in on the Action

Whether you have cats, dogs, or a combination of both, all of your pets are going to love this toy.

63. Bite-Safe for All Dogs

No need to worry about this ball breaking in your dog’s mouth. It’s made of shatter-proof

64. No More Clingy Dog

My dogs love to follow me all around the house.  It’s kind of sweet, but it’s also kind of aggravating.  Keeping your dog busy with the Pebby dog toy is perfect when you’re just trying to get things done.

65. Doggy Stocking Stuffer

If you’re one of the millions of people who buy their pets gifts for Christmas, you have to get one of these. It might not actually fit in a Christmas stocking, but I’m pretty sure your dog won’t mind.

66. Bragging Rights

Being the first person to get a new gadget is awesome.

67. Have Fun Watching Your Grandmother try to Use It

Watch the look on your grandmother’s face when the ball lights up and zips around the room.  It’s not mean! Grandmothers love being able to say, “In my day we never had anything like this!”

68. Keep the Dogs in the Yard

I don’t recommend setting the toy on automatic and leaving the dog alone i the yard. However, it is a good way to keep your dog distracted under supervision.

69. Travel With It!

If you’re traveling with your pet, have the Pebby ball ready to go in the hotel room.

70. Bring it Camping

The Pebby dog toy works so well outside you could even bring it camping.

71. Perfect Way to Welcome a Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs are often nervous creatures who suffer from anxiety.  I don’t recommend startling your dog with the toy, but it might be a great way to keep your nervous dog occupied when you’re not home.

72. It Even Vacuums.  Just Kidding

It doesn’t vacuum.  Sorry.

73. Social Media Sharing

The minute you capture that perfect shot or video, upload it straight to your social media platform.

74. Unique Instagram Account

You could start a very unique Instagram account for your dog with one of these.

75. Beacon Tracking Ability

I don’t even know what this means but it sounds awesome!

76. Perfect for Distraction During Thunderstorms

Some dogs just need a distraction from their fears.  Being able to engage your dog in fun play during things like thunderstorms could train him to associate things that were once stressful into fun times.

77. Less Focus on Treats, More Focus on Play

Sometimes I feed my dog more treats than he needs because I feel guilty about leaving him home when I’m at work.  There I said it.

78. Anytime Use

You don’t need to be away from home to find enjoyment with this toy.

79. Better Than TV

Wouldn’t you rather watch your dog run around and play than the same old reruns again?

80. More More YOGA Interruptions

Every time I practice yoga my dogs try to climb on me. It’s funny and aggravating at the same time.  A Pebby dog toy could entertain them while I’m busy doing something else.

81. Take a Bath in Peace

This is kind of the same situation as above.  It’s not always fun to have dogs scratching at the door or worse…staring at you while you soak in the tub.

82. Go to the Bathroom in Peace

Uh.  Same as above.

83. Keep Your Dogs Off Furniture

Hopefully your dog obeys you.  But if he doesn’t, you can distract him with the robotic ball.

84. Encourages Social Play

Dogs reluctant to engage in play might be more likely to get with the program, especially when the ball starts nudging and barking.

85. Lure Away from Food

Having a picnic?  Company coming?  Keep your dogs entertained and away from the table.

86. Control How Much Activity Your Dog Gets.

Not that too much exercise is a bad thing, but with this toy you can control how much stimulation your dog gets.

87. Talk to your Dog

Dogs love hearing our voices, so imagine how comforted they will feel when we praise them from away?

88. Encourage Your Dog

This is kind of the same thing as above. Praise your dog from the road or just chat away about nothing at all. Dogs are great listeners.

89. Stimulates an Aging Dog’s Mind

Aging dogs are a lot like aging humans (I know, because I fall in this category). They don’t feel like moving around as much. However, we know that moving around MORE actually helps joints

90. Keeps Joints Mobile

See above.

91. Surprise Your Dog

Does your dog love surprises?  Let’s say he does.  The first time your dog engages with the Pebby dog toy is going to me pretty awesome.

92. Bragging Rights at Work

New technology PLUS the best dog owner in town. You can’t go wrong.

93. Add Extra Breaks

You’ll have to take a few extra breaks at work just to explain to people what you’re watching and who you’re talking to.

94. Cheaper Than Daycare

Owning a Pebby dog toy is way cheaper than talking  your dog to doggy daycare everyday.

95. Reassurance for You

What a relief to know your dog won’t be lonely all day!

96. Memories Forever

Those candid moments you capture are yours to keep and share forever.

97. Interacts with your Dog

Did I mention this thing actually interacts with your dog?  It’s a robot, and this robot has the ability to memorize and recognize faces. Cool and creepy all at the same time.

98. Exciting Technology

Yup, I’m bringing this up again because it’s hard to come up with 99 different things. It’s still true though.  This is useful and fun technology that you can’t miss out on.

99.  Tracking Technology

The Pebby dog toy has the ability to track your dog’s movements.

Now that you know all about the Pebby dog toy, it’s time to check it out. I saw one video of the toy in action and I was hooked.  I can’t wait to get one for my do.  As of today (September 24th, 2018), the toy hasn’t even hit the shelf yet. 

I have a feeling that once this hits the shelf, it’s going to sell out pretty fast.  If you think this might be a good toy for your dog, I would go ahead and do a Pre Order.

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