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99 Pet Memorial Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Has Died

Choosing what to get someone whose dog died is often difficult. Gifts are easy to find, but which one is the right one?

The loss of a pet is one of the hardest things pet owners endure. That may sound a little strange, considering the many things that people go through in a lifetime. But it’s true! There’s no denying our pets give us pure and unconditional love like no other.

When the time comes, it’s really hard to let go.

The loss of a pet is a heart-wrenching experience. We feel a lot of empathy and sadness for others when it’s their turn to go through this. 

We want to do something to show that we’re thinking of them. If you know the person really well, the decision might be easier. However, if it’s a neighbor, an acquaintance, or even a co-worker, the appropriate gift choice becomes more blurred.

This post will help you with these choices.

We break the process down according to your relatonship with the other person so that you can be sure you’re giving a gift that will truly make a difference.

In addition, we will break down the price options so that you can find something that fits your budget. Remember, it’s not how much money you spend, it’s the thought that goes into it.

What To Give a Close Relative Whose Dog Has Died

There are some wonderful gifts on the market that can really help you convey your concern and sadness over the loss of their pet. Chances are you’re grieving just as much as they are. Hopefully, you have a little insight into their tastes and what they might appreciate.

The following ideas should help you when you don’t know what to get someone whose dog died.

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Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone you care. A sympathy card is usually less than $10.00 and can be enough to convey your thoughts. If you’re especially creative, or just love the DIY process, you can pull together a one-of-a-kind card at

Sometimes just being available while the person goes through the healing process is gift enough. Kind gestures cost nothing and are priceless. Examples of nice things you could offer include:

  • pick up their groceries
  • run errands
  • bring food or their favorite dessert

If you’re more interested in offering a gift that they can treasure, consider the following:

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Finding the perfect pet bereavement gift can be overwhelming. There are a lot of gifts to choose from at all different price points, including the following:

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

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Gift Ideas For A Best Friend Whose Dog Has Died

When shopping for a friend, consider their lifestyle. For example, if the person is a gardener, you might want to buy a memorial plaque or stone that can be placed among the flowers.

You probably have memories of your friend’s pet that you might incorporate into a poem or phrase that can be engraved on a picture frame.

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

  • Memorial Brick Crystal Clear memories)
  • Crafty? Make a quilt or a throw honoring the dog’s memory.
  • Commit to a regular donation to a pet charity or spca

Considerate Gift Ideas For A Co-Worker Whose Dog Has Passed

Our colleagues are often the next best thing to family. We’re with them a lot of the time and, if we’re lucky, we begin to understand people on a more personal level.

If you work with someone who has recently lost a pet, you may want to convey your sympathies to them somehow. Below are a few great gift ideas to consider. Finding the perfect gift to get someone whose dog died is not an easy task.

Hopefully, these ideas will help.

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a Young Couple Whose Dog Has Died

People tend to think of their pets as their own children these days. The sentiment is beautiful but heart-wrenching when the pet passes.

Finding the right gift can be tricky. You don’t want to overstep a boundary, but you want to show that you care. The following gift ideas may help get you started:

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under or Over $100

Meaningful Gifts When Your Boss Has Lost a Pet 

Buying a gift for anybody in the workplace is difficult. It can be especially stressful if that person is your boss.

How do you know what to get someone whose dog died, let alone if that person is your boss!

If you’ve worked with that person for a while and you know they will appreciate a thoughtful gift, consider some of the following ideas.

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

Unique Gifts For A Neighbor Whose Dog Has Passed 

Sometimes we know our neighbors well and sometimes we don’t. At the end of the day, however, we feel for anyone who has recently lost a dog.

Buying a meaningful gift, however, can get tricky depending on how well you know the person. Hopefully, the following list will gift you some great ideas.

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

Thoughtful Gifts For A Friend Whose Dog Has Died

We say our dogs are our best friends, but most of us also have at least one of the human kind. We count on them to listen to us vent, spend time with us, laugh with us, and more.

When their own furry best friend goes over the rainbow bridge, our hearts break. This is when we need to be there for our friends.

Comfort comes in many forms. You’ve offered your condolences and a shoulder to cry on, but you want to do something more. If that’s the case, the following gift ideas may come in handy.

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

Gifts to Comfort Your Spouse After the Loss of a Pet 

The loss of a pet affects us all. Sometimes, however, helping someone else through the grief somehow manages to help us as well.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone whose dog has died can be trying. Hopefully, these gift ideas will spark your imagination.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a gift to tell your loved one that you’re thinking of them, consider the following:

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

Gift Ideas for a Grandparent Who Has Lost a Pet

Our grandparents may seem strong, but under that experienced exterior is a person who grieves like anybody else.

Nobody wants to see someone they love grieve. It’s hard, sometimes, to know what to do. We can visit more often, listen to their stories, help them with errands, etc. But when it comes right down to it, it’s nice to show up with a gift in hand.

The following ideas should help you get started.

Heartfelt Gift Ideas Under $30

Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas Under $60

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

Generous Gift Ideas Under/Over $100

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It’s not easy to find the perfect gift, especially considering the many different relationships we have, their unique tastes, etc. I hope this post offered some insight into a variety of gift choices.

Meaningful gifts mean a lot to the grieving pet owner. The passing of a beloved dog can leave a huge hole in your heart and soul.

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