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5 Impressive Ways A Shepadoodle Can Change Your Life

5 Impressive Ways A Shepadoodle Can Change Your Life

The Shepadoodle is a designer dog who comes equipped with the best personality traits of his parent breeds – the German Shepherd and the poodle.

There’s no question that you’ll get a fun-loving, high-energy, intelligent dog if you chose this breed.

What you may not realize are all the ways a Shepadoodle dog can change your life. If you’ve been looking for motivation to exercise more, this breed could be the answer.

Energetic family? This dog might actually help to burn off that extra steam.

This fantastic breed needs an equally fantastic family for it to thrive. If you’re on the fence about whether this is the dog for you, keep reading and find out exactly how he/she will change your life forever.

Quick Facts about Shepadoodle Dogs

Shepadoodles are a cross between a German Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. You can expect your new puppy to reach up to 80 pounds and stand between 18 and 24 inches high.

Color Combinations

The interesting thing about Shepadoodle’s is the unpredictability of appearance. Because they are not considered to be pure-breeds, this dog can come in any variety and combination of colors and markings.

Shepadoodle Puppies are a mix between a german shepherd and a poodlePin

Fur-Factor and Grooming

Shepadoodles from the F1B generation have curly coats, produce less dander, and do not shed significantly. You will need to brush his/her fur daily to prevent matting.

Temperament of the Shepadoodle

This is a very friendly dog. As with most dogs, early socialization is an important part of their development. This dog attaches quickly and easily to his human parents which could lead to some separation anxiety.

This family oriented dog is a great choice for a high-energy family.

Shepadoodles may retain some of the protective qualities of his German Shepherd parent but, overall, this breed is very friendly and good with kids.

This is a loyal breed with a goofy attitude. The best way to make sure he remains well behaved and less inclined to be protective is through early socialization. 

The one thing you don’t want to do is be lax on training your Shepadoodle puppy. Highly intelligent dogs like this can outsmart a person fairly quickly. 

Suitable for Apartment Life?

Shepadoodles do well if they get adequate and vigorous exercise every day. Apartment life isn’t impossible, but a home with a yard to play in would be ideal. 

Health Problems to Expect

No significant health problems have been identified in this hybrid breed. However, large breed dogs like the Shepadoodle can experience hip and elbow dysplasia.

These dogs can experience some of the same health problems as their parents which also includes Von Willebrand’s disorder.

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When purchasing a Shepadoodle, make sure to see the puppy parents and research the breeder beforehand.

It’s easy to get overly excited and carried away in the moment, but buyer beware. You should know what to look for in a good breeder.

The Shepadoodle is Easy to Train

Shepadoodle dogs are the offspring of very impressive dog breeds: The German Shepherd and the Poodle. As a result, this puppy is going to be easy to train.

Just remember, as easy as it is to train your dog for positive behaviors, he/she can also easily pick up unwelcome behaviors if not exercised frequently (at least 1 hour of vigorous exercise a day for fully grown Shepadoodle dogs) and socialized from a young age.

Suitable for New Dog Owners?

This dog just wants to keep his owners happy. Combine his friendly demeanor with his intelligence and he makes for a good family dog for new owners.

Are You Up to The Physical Demands of a Shepadoodle?

The Shepadoodle needs to have at least one hour of intense physical activity every day. If you’re a runner, great! You now have a companion to run with you.If you’re a couch potato, you should start looking for a different breed of dog.

The pitfalls of not exercising a dog enough is pent up energy. That energy has to come out somewhere and, if not exercised enough, it could result in some household destruction.

Perfect for People with Allergies

If you love dogs but are allergic to them, this is the dog for you. Shepadoodle’s are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Remember, however, that the energy you conserve in not needing to clean up fur from your home will be replaced by the need to fully exercise, train, and sociailze your dog.

If you’re purchasing a dog for the first time, you should know the terminology so that you know what to ask and what to expect. 

1. A Shepadoodle Will Get The Family Moving 

Shepadoodle puppies are a bundle of fun that require a lot of activity. 

If you’re looking for a way to lure your family away from their devices and into the real world, this might be the dog for you.

Hikes in the park, swimming, running, playing fetch, or chasing the kids in the backyard are all activities this dog would love.

2. Teaches Kids Responsibility 

For some people, the thought of added responsibility might sound like a bad thing. However, if you’re trying to raise your children to understand the concept of a world larger than themselves, this could be the perfect dog for you.

Everyone in the family is going to have to get on board before you bring one of these hybrid dogs home. Looking after a dog like this is a great way to develop a sense of responsponsibility and the rewards that come with that.

3. Easy to Train

One of this breed’s many amazing traits is his intelligence. If you’re a new dog owner, you’re going to love how easy he/she learns basic commands.

Having a dog that learns quickly is a bonus for children, giving them a sense of accomplishment and a bond with the dog that reinforces their role in the health and development of the new puppy.

4. Reduce Anxiety Levels

Dogs don’t have to be trained therapy dogs to ease anxiety and lower blood pressure. Just providing the amount of activity this dog needs is going to force the family outside. More exercise, unexpected bouts of laughter, and the unconditional love of a Shepadoodle will go a long way in keeping anxiety levels down.

How to Help a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Dogs respond really well to products designed to reduce anxiety including those containing Valerian, Chamomile, Hemp, and Melatonin. While dog treats never go out of style, there’s another option available.

5. Better Sleep

The need to provide at least an hour of vigorous exercise for your dog every day means getting outside more often. The increased activity and access to fresh air usually results in a much better night’s sleep for you.


If you’re looking for a highly energetic dog that you can run with, the Shepadoodle is for you. This dog is perfect for a busy, athletic family looking for a companion to share those busy days with. While the dog isn’t suited for apartment life, he can adapt almost anywhere as long as he gets the attention and exercise he needs.

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It’s a good idea to talk it over with your family before committing to this large breed. They need a lot of attention from their owners, but what they give in return is something you’ll never regret.

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