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26 Fun & Safe Above Ground Pools for Dogs (for 2023)

As summer approaches, we start to daydream of ice cream cones, days at the beach, and camping. But let’s not forget our furry family members!

It’s easy to forget just how hot they were last year. With temperatures on the rise, your dog will need a place to cool down.

Ideally, this will be somewhere you can also enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

The best option for summer dog fun is in a swimming pool. Of course, you can’t let your dog swim in the public pool. Why not get your own?

These days there are pools for every price range, dog size, and terrain.

Check Out Our Fun Pool Selection Below!

Above ground pools might be less expensive, but inground pools have a lasting appeal. It’s up to you what you choose!

The most important thing is buying a pool that can withstand your dog’s antics, hold up to the great outdoors, and provide a safe place to stay cool.

This post will give you an awesome scope of what’s out there. Have a look!

Dog Swim Safety – Important Information to Keep Your Dog Afloat

Good Swimmers

Most dogs can swim to some degree. Some dogs, like Golden Retrievers or Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, are amazing swimmers.

Not So Good Swimmers

Other dogs, like the bulldog, pug, dachshund, Pekingese, basset hound, and boxer may struggle in the water.

You have to decide:

Do you want your dog to have enough room to actually swim and get exercise in the pool or are you looking for a splash pool?

Is your dog going to be happy enough to soak in a small pool, or will he/she need some room to swim?

Watch Your Dog

Dogs are generally safe in small pools. However, if left to their own devices they could get into trouble in a large swimming pool. It’s always best to keep a close eye on them.

Keep Small Children Away

There’s nothing wrong with children swimming in a pool as long as they are being watched. Your family dog will love swimming alongside the smaller humans of the house.

Keep the Water Clean

Most dogs do well with tolerant chlorine, but you may want to use bromine instead. It tends to be gentler on your dog’s skin.

Looking for an Inflatable Pool?

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are a good option if you want your pool to last. It’s easy to forget how sharp those claws are. The last thing you want to do is buy a new pool only to have your dog tear the sides, make a hole, and destroy the pool.

Above Ground or In Ground?

It’s a myth that fiberglass pools built above ground are cheaper than inground pools. If you’re looking for an investment that can add value to your property and years of fun for you, your family, and your amazing dogs, you may want to consider an inground fiberglass pool.

It’s almost impossible for dog claws to tear or puncture the strong, durable gelcoat of a fiberglass pool.

The following pools are above-ground. Although they are not necessarily made from fiberglass, they are designed to be tough enough to withstand typical scraps and scratches.

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools end up being a splash pool for dogs. These are particularly good for small dogs or dogs that don’t have a natural ability to swim well. These are great for little dogs to walk into for a quick cool-down.

A good quality kiddie pool (or paddle pool) is perfect for small children and small pets. The best thing about kiddie pools is that they are usually quite portable. It’s easy to change the water, clean the pool, and move it anywhere you want.

Dog Breeds That Don’t Swim Well

There are many dogs that don’t swim well. For these dogs, it’s best to keep them in shallow water. If you’re going to swim with them in a large above-ground pool, or an inground pool, the best idea is to ensure they are wearing proper fitting lifejackets made specifically for dogs.

Dog breeds that don’t swim well include:

  • bulldogs
  • pugs
  • bull terriers
  • basset hounds
  • boxers
  • corgis
  • dachshunds
  • shih tzus
  • Boston terriers
  • French bulldogs

It’s not to say that large dogs couldn’t benefit from a small kiddie pool. However, large dogs also have large claws that will likely do some damage to the pool.

Check out these kiddie poodles!

Best Dog Pools for Smaller Dogs

The best swimming pools for smaller dogs are those that the dog can get in and out of easily. They’re designed more for a place to cool off than a place to do laps.

Small dog pools can fit on balconies and decks, but they are also great to set up in the back yard. A few of our favorites include:

Good Doggo Foldable Dog Pool – Rugged for Kids and Pets $45.59

Ownpets Foldable Pet Pool with Bath Brush, Non-Slip, Hard Plastic $20.99

Highest Ranked Small Dog Pools

V-HANVER Foldable Dog Pool with Hard Plastic – 3 different sizes prices vary

ASPCA Foldable Outdoor Pet Bath Dog Pool $15.30

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool Collapsible $41.62

Best Dog Pools for Big Dogs

These pools provide enough space for dogs to paddle around while having fun. In fact, some of these pools (be sure to get the right size) could accommodate other family members as well.

30′ Round Caspian 52″ Tall Above Ground Pool

Solid craftmanship with 6″ steel top rails and 5″ steel verticals. This pool is made with a corrugated heavy gauge pool wall designed for flexibility and vertical strength.

Includes a skimmer box, return fitting and gadgets. Works with Overlap or EZ Bead pool liners (not included).


  • Not portable
  • Pricey
  • Requires accessories


30' Round Caspian Above Ground Pool


  • Round – all sizes
  • Sturdy walls
  • Easy set-up
  • Perfect for back-yard
  • Accessories can be purchased separately

Foldable Pools for Small and Large Dogs

Concrete Pools

While concrete pools are an okay option, they’re not necessarily the best choice.

Best Pool Accessories for Your Dog

Splash Pad

A splash pad is a good choice when you just need to provide your pet with access to cool water. A doggy pool is great, but splash pads are fun too.

Pool Liner

When purchasing a pool liner, make sure it’s compatible with the make/model of the pool you have. Small splash pools do not require liners.

Liners are mostly made for large above-ground-pools and are important to protect the pool. Liners are designed in a few ways:

Overlap Style Pool Liners

These pool liners simply fold over the pool wall. Coping strips are used for this type of liner.

Beaded Style Pool Liners

Beaded pool liners snap in to a bead receiver track that hangs from the top of the pool wall.

J-Hook Style Pool Liners

This type of pool liner hangs directly on the pool using its hook-style beaded edge.

Where Can You Buy These Pool Liners?

The liners noted above can be purchased at PoolSplash, an American company located in Niagara Falls, NY.

Pool Cover

There are a variety of pool covers available. These are a must-have to protect your above-ground or in-ground pool from the elements. They also provide a bit of safety in case of an accidental fall into the pool. That said, you must check your state or provincial laws if you have any type of pool.

In order to keep children and pets out of the pool when you’re not around, you may need to have secure fencing around the perimeter.

Solar Pool Covers

PoolSplash offers a variety of quality pool covers including round, oval, and rectangular. Solar pool liners are used to maintain water temperature by reducing heat evaporation. They are usually covered in air-filled bubbles and sits on the surface of the pool.

Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are a must for the winter season. They help prevent the accumulation of leaves, dirt, debris, and UV rays from ruining your pool.

Safety Pool Covers

Some safety pool covers are designed to prevent accidental drownings. They shouldn’t be the only barrier to the pool. However, this additional safety measure is worth it. A solid security pool cover that doesn’t allow water to pass through should last at least 6 – 10 years.

Custom Covers

If you’re just buying a kiddie pool, or even just a standard above-ground-pool for dogs, you probably don’t need a custom cover. Custom covers are made for uniquely shaped and sized pools.

Cover Reel Systems

Cover reel systems are most useful on large pools where it would otherwise be difficult to manage the pool cover by hand.

Pool Ladder

Any above-ground-pool more than a 3 or 4 feet high should have a pool ladder. If this is something your dog will be using, look for actual steps for swimming pools.

The typical narrow ladder may be too difficult or intimidating for some dogs to climb. Steps make the process a lot easier for everyone.

You will likely need a set of steps to get in the pool, and a set of steps to get out of the pool.

steps for a swimming pool

Dog Water Ramp

You can get pretty creative when coming up with a dog water ramp. There are a lot of ramps on the market to serve a variety of purposes For example, there are ramps to get in and out of cars, small ramps for dogs to get onto the sofa, etc.

You can use any ramp that meets your needs as long as it doesn’t do harm to your pool. Ultimately, the best dog ramp is going to be the one that suits the pool you have and your dog’s needs. has a great blog post on how to build your own.


Having your own pool takes care of so many things in the summer-time. You don’t have to pack everybody up for a trip to the local watering hole, no more questioning the safety of public pools, plus your dog gets to enjoy a cool splash whenever he/she wants to.

The type of pool you buy will depend on how much space you have, your budget, whether you’re looking for a pool to last the summer or whether you want a pool to last a lifetime.

The most important thing about owning your own pool is safety. It’s never too late to learn basic first aid and emergency CPR.

Avoid disaster by keeping a watch over the pool, especially when young children or pets are enjoying the cooling benefits.

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