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25 Consumer-Tested English Mastiff Dog Beds (2023)

English mastiffs are the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. They’re also really large. As the pet parent of a giant dog breed, you’re likely well-versed in some of the challenges that come with larger dogs.

If you have a senior mastiff at home, it might be time to consider the nearly inevitable joint problems that can plague large breeds.

Finding the best bed for big dogs isn’t the issue. Finding specialized beds that serve your dog (while looking awesome in your home) is another story.

We’re here to help with that. The following beds are considered top-of-the-line. There’s no wrong choice in any of these beds. The decision is based on your own tastes and style coupled with the needs of your dog.

I sometimes share affiliate links with my readers because I think a product or course is really awesome. If you decide to click on any of the links below and purchase something, I’ll earn a little extra money. That money goes towards keeping this blog up and running (it’s not free!) and I thank you in advance for that.

Infrared Dog Beds

Infrared dog beds use the dog’s body as its power source. The infrared ion advanced ceramic-coated fibers reflect far infrared ray (FIR) emissions. These are also naturally emitted by body heat back to the skin.

This process dilates the blood vessels, temporarily increasing blood circulation.

The emissions are absorbed deep within the tissue which provide reduction of pain and discomfort.

Special Features

This infrared dog bed is orthopedic, washable and waterproof. Note that many dog beds are only water “resistant”.

This is the first and only dog bed that has FDA medical device certification.

No need to worry about buying this mattress for your dog. It comes with a 20-year-warranty.

Zippers are heavy-duty and chew-resistant. Perfect for big dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs of any kind, and other giant dog breeds.

Foam is free of

  • PBDEs
  • TCEP flame retardants
  • mercury
  • lead
  • heavy metals
  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates
  • CFC’s.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This orthopedic dog bed is designed to keep skin and muscle tissue warm.

This dilates blood vessels which temporarily increases blood flow. The deep absorption of infrared emissions can aid in pain relief.

This bed is perfect for large breeds with joint and shoulder stiffness, muscle pain, arthritis and other painful conditions.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

The bed comes in large (48″x30″x7″), extra-large (52’x34″x7″), and extra EXTRA large (60″x48″7″)

English Mastiff Dog Beds Come in All Sizes and Shapes
Perfect English Mastiff Dog Bed

Round Sherpa Bolster Beds

Does your dog prefer to sleep curled up in a big ball? It’s amazing how larger dog breeds can contort themselves. This bed is perfect for dogs like that because it comes with a bolster to keep them from falling off the other side.

The bolster runs half-way around and provides extra support for your dog.

Dogs can be fidgety and this bed allows them to get nice and comfortable without ending up on the floor.

Special Features

This is another specialty bed from Bully Beds. Expect nothing but quality, non-hazardous foam, and an orthopedic design to support joints and hips. Your dog will enjoy this comfortable bed for her/his entire life.

Other important features to consider include:

  • Snuggly and soft
  • Made with heavy duty fabric
  • Durable
  • Completely waterproof
  • Machine Washable
  • 20 year “no flat’ guarantee
  • Chew resistant zippers
  • 6″ thickness on all sides
  • Non-slip base

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

You could buy many “cheap” dog beds over your dog’s lifetime. They won’t stand up to the likes of an English Mastiff or other large dog breed. In fact, they probably won’t even be that comfortable.

This bed is perfect for dogs that like to curl up. The orthopedic, non-hazardous foam is made for dogs with joint pain. Reduces hip discomfort.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

You’ll get bragging rights with this bed. Sizes come in:

  • Large (34″x34″x6″)
  • X-Large (44″x44″x6″)
  • XX Large(54″x54″x6″)
English mastiff dogs need large supportive beds.
Perfect for large breed dogs – Sherpa Top Bolster Bed

3 Sided Bolster Beds

This beastly bed is an orthopedic 3-sided bolster dog bed with a 4.5 pound density. It’s especially tailored towards large/giant breeds like Great Danes, English Mastiffs, and other large breed dogs.

Special Features

The 3 bolsters around the sides make it perfect for any dog, but is especially supportive for senior dogs who may have some trouble getting up and down. Some dogs (no matter what age) just like that secure feeling of having something to lean against!

Other important notes about the 3-sided bolster bed include:

  • secure 3-sided backing
  • tailored for great danes, English mastiffs, and other large dog breeds
  • non-toxic
  • hypoallergenic materials
  • machine washable
  • removable microfiber cover
  • waterproof liner
  • gorgeous accent piping
  • chew-proof zipper
  • non-slip base

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This bed is perfect for dogs with joint pain and mobility problems. The memory foam base is perfect for dogs with achy joints. Large mattress sizes allow for plenty of room to stretch out and provides your dog with a good night’s sleep.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

  • Medium (34″x22″x4″)
  • Large (48″x30″x5″)
  • Extra Large (52″x34″x7″)
  • Extra EXTRA Large (60″x48″x7″)

bolster bed for bully breeds
Perfect 3-Sided Bolster Beds for Large Dogs

Sofa Bed for Dogs in Jumbo Plus

Nothing ruins the look of your home more than a tattered old dog bed on the floor.

Old-fashioned dog beds were nothing more than a piece of cheap foam and a cover. These days, you can expect more for your dog, and your interior design.

Sofa dog beds are the top choice for a classic look and customized feel. They’re made with your dog’s comfort in mind while also looking fabulous next to your own furniture.

Special Features

Finding English Mastiff dog beds isn’t always as easy as you might think. There are countless stores that sell dog beds, but will they stand the test of time? The bed features in this post (pictured below) is available in 4 mattress types including:

  • Fiber Filled Pillow
  • Orthopedic Foam
  • Memory Foam
  • Cooling Gel Foam

We also love that the cover is easily removed and machine washable.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This soft bed has bolsters along the sides to provide comfort and stability. No matter how large your dog is, he/she will be able to sleep in a comfortable position without winding up with his head hanging over the side.

Orthopedic beds like these are excellent for dogs with joint pain. Choose orthopedic foam to reduce joint pain and alleviate pressure points.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

The sofa bed pictured below is a jumbo-plus.

That means it’s perfect for large or giant dog breeds. The actual size of the jumbo-plus sofa dog bed is 42″ x 53″ x 5″ and is perfect for dogs like the English Mastiff, Great Dane, Leonberger, and the Bloodhound, to name a few.

Sizing is available in small, medium, large, jumbo and jumbo plus.

look for jumbo sized dog beds for bully breeds

Goliath Chaise Loungers for Large Dogs

There’s nothing more luxurious than seeing your comfortably sleeping dog on a Goliath Chaise Lounger. This bed will comfortably support giant dog breeds that weigh well over 100 pounds.

The Goliath comes in a 7″ thick solid orthopedic foam. The mattress is dense and sturdy enough for your enormous pooch. The ultra-plush, faux fur cover design will blend in with your own home furniture.

Special Features

Consumer reviews of the Goliath Chaise Lounge dog bed rave about the quality and durability. Most people love being able to buy a replacement cover from time to time without having to replace the entire bed.

Large dogs end up sleeping on surfaces that only accommodate part of their body. They get their torso comfortable and have to compromise by hanging their heads over the side of the mattress.

The Goliath Chaise Lounger is so huge that your dog will never have to do that again.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This heavy-duty bed is designed to support very large dogs. Whether your dog is still growing or is aging gracefully, this bed will help keep the spine in alignment.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

You won’t find any small beds here. Sizes come in:

2XL (48″x30″)

3XL (52″x36″)

4XL (60″x48″)

Bully dogs need extra large beds

Sofa Beds in Faux Fur & Velvet

We’ve mentioned sofa dog beds before, but they’re worth mentioning again. Beds like the one below (sold through FurHaven Pet Products) comes in a variety of styles including faux fur and velvet.

Special Features

Pick the perfect cover style, choose the best mattress for your dog, and determine the size your dog needs. You have the option of choosing the following mattress types:

  • Orthopedic foam
  • Memory foam
  • Cooling gel foam

This cozy couch-like dog bed will blend in with your own furniture. The bed is soft but also very supportive.

Machine washable, removable cover.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Beds with any premium quality mattress are designed to support dogs with joint pain or mobility issues. When a dog is able to get comfortable he/she can relax without pain. That allows your dog to get a good night’s rest.

Sleep, as pet owners know, is the best medicine sometimes. It provides the body an opportunity to recover and rejuvenate.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Sofa beds from Furhaven Pet Products come in sizes you can’t easily find anywhere else.

2XL = 48″x30″

3XL = 52″x36″

4XL = 60″x48″

Mastiff dog beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes
Faux Fur Sofa Bed for Giant Breeds

Bamboo Rectangle Stylish Dog Beds

This bed has some serious style in addition to comfort and support. This beautiful rectangle dog bed comes in a huge variety of styles and colors. Instead of the same old browns and greys, you get to choose between a number of vibrant colors.

Special Features

This bed is gorgeous and fits into any home decor. Your dog is going to look amazing on this! Even more important is the support and durability it has. The inner stuffing bag is filled with premium high loft fiber fill.

This dog bed is ultra comfortable, attractive, hypoallergenic, and water-resistant.

Consider buying 2 covers for this bed. That way, when one is in the washing machine, you’ll have another one on hand to slip over the mattress.

Dog bed cover replacements are zippered and made with durable outdoor treated polyester. Do you like to put your dog beds near a window? No need to worry about the sun fading the fabric color anytime soon.

The plush bed pictured below is the perfect modern touch for your home. If you’re looking for the most comfortable dog bed, this could be the best option.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Some dogs prefer to stretch out without restriction. This pillow bed allows for that. However, it’s so large that your dog will actually stay on the bed!

If your dog likes to stretch out but has trouble with joint pain, etc., this might be the bed to get.

Perfectly Sized for Large Breed Dogs

Imagine your stately English Mastiff (or other large breed) poised on this bed. For large dogs, you’ll want the extra large which is 42″x60″. These measurements will support a dog up to 110 pounds.

Bamboo rectangle dog bed for english mastiffs
Gorgeous Print for modern homes

Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

Bagel dog beds give your dog full-coverage comfort and they look amazing.

The cotton Sherpa bagel dog bed below is made of durable 100% cotton fabric. The stuffing is premium high loft Polyester fiber fill.

The premium make of this bed is designed to offer spine support. It is water and stain resistant and is made with the kind of materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Special Features

The bagel bed shown below is a little more casual than some of the premium sofa beds noted above. That doesn’t mean it lacks quality! You can expect the same durability as the other dog beds mentioned in this post.

It’s machine washable with a twist. Instead of a removable cover, you can toss the whole thing in the washing machine.

Sherpa bagel beds come in a variety of sharp colors to match your taste.

Choose between styles (chevron, fusion, links, and more) and color. Looking for different fabric? Choose the luxurious micro-velvet or upholstery fabric.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This bed is perfect for any dog. Even is your dog doesn’t have joint problems, a bed like this can’t help but be beneficial. There’s nothling like a good night’s sleep to restore your dog’s energy.

Sizes to Fit Your Dog

This bed comes in sizes from small to extra-large.

24″x18″x7″ Supports dogs from 10 to 25 pounds.

32″x18″x8″ Supports dogs from 25 to 40 pounds.

40″x29″x9″ Supports dogs from 40 to 70 pounds.

52″x36″x14″ Supports dogs from 70 to 110 pounds.

english mastiff dog beds in extra large
Stylish Bagel Dog Bed

Cotton Pillow Beds for Large Breeds

Pillow beds for dogs offer a relaxed vibe with all the support of a traditional dog bed. They’re perfect for use on the floor, on furniture, or even on your own bed. Change out your regular pillow during the day and let your dog lounge where you usually sleep!

Special Features

Pillow bed options are practically endless. Colors, styles, and modern designs are a fresh take on the old scruffy dog beds that were once popular!

This comfortable, durable, Poly cotton Sherpa pillow dog bed is stuffed with Super High Loft Polyester Fiberfill.

Personalize this luxurious dog bed with your dog’s name. Makes a perfect gift. Here’s the thing…you can even choose the font type and thread color.

This bed comes with a removable and machine washable slipcover.

Tired of the style? Just buy a new cover without needing to start from scratch with a new bed. Let’s fact it, a new slipcover is less expensive than a total bed replacement.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

A bed like this will make your pooch very happy. You can get one big enough for sleep-over pet guests or other pets in the house.

The comfort and durability of this bed will last for years meaning you don’t have to constantly buy new beds.

Joint issues? Restless dog? Your dog will gravitate toward this bed – guaranteed.

Sized For Your Dog

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
pillows for english mastiff dog beds
Cotton Pillow Bed for Large Dogs

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Dogs sleep an average of 20 hours a day! Over time, dogs can experience pain and discomfort from the increase in pressure on the joints. Older dogs are prone to osteoarthritis which only makes the problem worse.

Large and giant dog breeds are generally known for their tendency towards hip and elbow dysplasia. There’s more to it than that though. Dogs can experience degenerative disc disease and other issues that affect mobility.

Orthopedic dog beds can’t prevent aging dogs from developing these conditions, but they can certainly help offset pain. When looking to buy an orthopedic bed for your dog, don’t be scared away by price.

A premium quality dog bed is going to last for years and years. A poorly made version will fall apart and won’t even do much to support your dog.

Special Features

Orthopedic mattresses (like the one shown below) are made to cradle and support the spine, back, and joints. Beds like these promote good posture and allow a dog to truly rest.

This particular dog bed has some great features including:

  • ergonomic design
  • provides therapeutic back and neck support
  • medical-grade foam
  • soft to the touch but firm enough for support
  • accessible to smaller, older or disabled dogs
  • removable cover
  • machine washable cover
  • three different core filling options including orthopedic, memory foam top, and cooling gel top.

Cooling gel tops can reduce sleep surface temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. If you live in a hot environment, your dog may spend half the night panting to keep cool. This type of mattress might help keep your pooch a little more comfortable.

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Cooling gel foam can help reduce the sleep surface temperature enough to help your dog get a good night’s rest. This is especially important for pet owners who live in hot and humid environments.

Any of three mattress options are going to provide your dog with maximum comfort. They are all ideal for pets with arthritis. Dogs gravitate to comfort and safety. It won’t take your big boy or girl long to settle into this new nest.

Giving your dog the gift of actual rest will do wonders for his/her energy and mobility. Why? These beds allow your dog to fall into a deep sleep without the constant pain of pressure points, etc.

Dogs feel the same way we do after a good night’s sleep…rested and energized.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

If you’re looking for something like an English Mastiff dog bed, consider the orthopedic bed shown below. Available at Furhaven Pet Products, it’s one of a handful of dog beds that comes in sizes from small up to jumbo plus and giant!

The average male English mastiff can weigh as much as 220 pounds. Where are you ever going to find another dog bed sturdy and durable enough to support your pooch? The ability to buy a giant sized dog mattress is remarkable.

For your reference, here are the dog bed sizes available in this particular model.

Small (21″x14″x4)

Medium (30″x20″x5″)

Large (36″x24″x5.5″)

Jumbo (45″x30″x6″)

Jumbo Plus (51″x36″x8″)

Giant (58″x42″x9″)

Jumbo plus dog beds are perfect for large breeds

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory foam dog beds provides support for dogs of all sizes. In mattresses like the one shown below, you have a choice of the mattress type. None are better than the other. Each foam mattress is engineered a little differently.

Memory foam is perfect for dogs who are healthy and not overweight. Even memory foam has some orthopedic qualities. The same is true for the cooling gel foam top. The difference is in the gel-infused memory foam where micro beads help to keep the bed cooler.

Special Features

Some of the features we love about this bed include:

  • medical-grade foam
  • durable for years to come
  • superior support
  • foam is manufactured in the USA
  • foam undergoes rigorous testing
  • removable cover
  • replaceable cover
  • washable cover
  • skid-free bottom
  • relieves your dog’s pain
  • works with your pet’s weight and contours to their bodies
  • comes in four colors
  • has a 4.9 review rating

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Beds like the one shown below go a long way in eliminating pressure points. Older dogs with joint issues will appreciate the comfort and support. Dogs need a place where they can feel safe and comfortable.

Premium quality orthopedic beds help your dog

  • rest more fully
  • escape from the pain of arthritis
  • have a place to call their own
  • finally have a mattress where he/she can stretch out fully
  • keep your dog cool on hot nights
  • provides neck and spine support

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Small (21″x14″x4)

Medium (30″x20″x5″)

Large (36″x24″x5.5″)

Jumbo (45″x30″x6″)

Jumbo Plus (51″x36″x8″)

Giant (58″x42″x9″)

memory foam is excellent for large breed dog beds

Cots for Large Dogs

Dog cots can be used indoors or outside comfortably. Reinforced cots (like the one pictured below) stand more than six inches off the floor. This allows fresh air to circulated and keeps your dog much cooler.

Special Features

Dog cots are incredibly useful if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Take it to the camp, cottage, park, or beach. Of course, you can also use it in your own living room. Other things we really love about dog cots include:

  • easy to climb on and off
  • mesh is mold and mildew resistant
  • easy to clean
  • easy to move from place to place because of the lightweight design
  • comes in beautiful colors including espresso, forest, deep blue, and gray
  • perfect to bring to dog friendly hotels
  • no pressure points because your dog is lifted from the ground

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Dog cot beds are useful for dogs and dog owners. These are especially great for people on the move. The reasons dogs sploot (lay flat on their tummies) is to try and keep cool. Dog cot beds keep your dog lifted so that air can circulate around, helping to keep your dog cool.

These beds are good for dogs with painful joints as well. They can’t experience pressure points if their bodies are not in contact with the ground.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Dog cot beds range in size from extra small to large. Unfortunately, you won’t find jumbo, jumbo-plus or giant dog cots.

While these beds may not support dogs over 100 pounds, they will certainly do the trick for dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Collies, Sheepdogs, etc.

cot beds for large dog breeds

Donut Dog Beds

If your dog likes to hide under blankets or tuck himself/herself just out of view, the donut dog bed might be the perfect choice. Imagine watching your 200 pound dog sink into the warmth and comfort of a bed like this.

Donut dog beds are perfect for dogs who like to sleep belly up. Of course, they’re good for any dog.

Special Features

Donut dog beds from Furhaven Pet Products have a few features you should know about. These include:

  • perfect for dogs who like to hide toys
  • vegan faux fur
  • soft and comfortably plush
  • surrounds your dog like a gentle hug
  • contains 100% recycled filling
  • can be a calming space for your dog
  • eligibility for 60 day warranty
  • available in a variety of colors
  • easy care and cleaning
  • removable zippered cover
  • machine washable

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Donut dog beds embrace your dog. This feeling instills a sense of safety and calm in your dog. The deep bolstered edges create a self-warming effect and are perfect for dogs who like to burrow down.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

It’s not easy to find an authentic donut dog bed in jumbo sizes. And yet, here it is. Choose from sizes small to jumbo depending on the needs of your dog.

Small (23″x10″) good for dogs up to 20 pounds.

Medium (30″x14″) good for dogs up to 45 pounds.

Large (36″x24″) good for dogs up to 75 pounds.

Jumbo (45″x27″) good for dogs up to 90 pounds.

English mastiff dog breeds require large beds

Modern Crate Mats by Fusion in X-Large

Crate mats are a whole different ballgame. They’re a little different than a full mattress, but just as important.

Dogs should feel safe and secure in their crates. These particular crate mats can also be used in carriers, dog houses, vehicles, cages or even just around the house.

Special Features

  • stuffed with super premium high loft polyester batting
  • unbeatable comfort
  • can be personalized!
  • have a crisp, modern look
  • come in a variety of modern colors
  • customize with the font and thread color of your choosing
  • perfect for the patio
  • excellent for camping
  • toss one in your vehicle

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Dog crate mats are easy to transport and will come in handy if you travel. No room for the whole mattress, bring one of these crate mats instead. If your dog goes to a dog sitter, buy a crate mat for them. That way, you dog will always have a little place to call his own.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Crate mats will fit crates that are extra small right up to extra large.

Crate mats come in sizes large enough for an english mastiff

Crate Mats for English Mastiff Dogs

The best thing about crate mats is that they will fit any dog size. They’re designed to be put in crates, but there’s no reason they can’t be used for pretty much anything else.

Special Features

Crate mats for large breed dogs (like the one pictured below) have many special features including:

  • stuffed with super premium high loft polyester batting
  • unbeatable comfort
  • personalized
  • high-end look and feel
  • come in a variety of modern colors
  • customize with the font and thread color of your choosing
  • perfect for the patio
  • excellent for camping
  • toss one in your vehicle

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Crate mats are designed as temporary havens for dogs. They make their crates comfortable while offering ease and support for weary bones.

Some crate mats are literally just pieces of rubber with a thin cloth on top. These mats are designed with supportive filling and deluxe material.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

The crate sizes available at Furhaven Pet Products come in small up to extra large.

mats for extra large dog

Comfortable Charlie Mat for Crates

A Charlie crate mat is the same as the crate mentioned above. The difference is in the look and feel. If you’re looking for a more upbeat, modern design, this might be what you’re after.

Special Features

  • stuffed with super premium high loft polyester batting
  • unbeatable comfort
  • personalized
  • high-end look and feel
  • come in a variety of modern colors
  • customize with the font and thread color of your choosing
  • perfect for the patio
  • excellent for camping
  • toss one in your vehicle

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This soft mat provides comfort and stability. Dogs from small to large enjoy the luxurious feel of these mats.

These mats are designed with enough fluff to help reduce pressure points. Why shouldn’t your dog’s crate be a comfortable spot?

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Crate mats from Furhaven Pet Products come in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

crate mats for large breed dog

Serious Strength BuddyRest Titan Acropolis Dog Bed

Looking for a hardcore dog mattress with extreme comfort? Check out the Titan Acropolis. This beast is made to last, provide comfort to extra-large and giant breeds, and is built to last.

Special Features

The Titan Acropolis has special features that can’t be ignored. These include:

  • 10 year warranty
  • high tech performance fabrics
  • sewn with Kevlar
  • chew-resistant cover
  • perfect for dogs with “destructive” tendencies
  • comes in 3 sizes
  • comes in 2 colors
  • excellent price
  • repel odor
  • repel stains and spills
  • orthopedic

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

BuddyRest dog beds are specially designed for dogs with stiff joints. Big dogs are prone to things like arthritis and other conditions that cause painful joints. A bed like the Titan is designed to remove pressure points and cradle your dog.

World-class veterinarians were consulted in the making of these beds. They are designed with the most advanced, high-end materials.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Medium  20″ x 28″ x 8″

Large 27″ x 36″ x 8″

XL 32″ x 42″ x 8″

Orthopedic beds for large breed dogs

Cowhide Memory Foam Dog Bed

Looking for a unique dog bed that still provides orthopedic support? The trademarked Paw Brands PupRug offers this animal print memory foam dog bed. The design complements home decor while serving an important function in your dog’s life.

Special Features

This memory foam dog bed has unbelievable features you’re going to want to check out. These include:

  • doubles as a great-looking rug
  • guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years
  • waterproof memory foam liner
  • minimizes joint pain
  • aids dogs with mobility issues
  • removable cover
  • machine washable cover
  • non-skid bottom

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

If you have a dog that likes to plunk down on the floor by your feet, consider a freestyle memory foam bed like the one pictured below.

These mats are perfect for dogs who just want to be next to you all the time. They are luxuriously soft to the touch with unbeatable support. Dogs with joint pain will appreciate having this bolster nearby.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

  • Original – 55″ L x 50″ W
  • Junior – 40″ L x 35″ W
Cowhide dog bed for large breeds

BuddyRest Titan Fortress Ballistic Bolster Dog Bed

Remember the Titan Acropolis mentioned earlier in the post? This is the same thing but a little better. The three-sided bolsters provide added support for your dog. A lot of dogs feel safe when

Special Features

Some of the most important features about this mattress include:

  • helps ease arthritic pain
  • resists stains and keeps clean
  • eases joint stiffness
  • good for dogs with mobility issues
  • doesn’t break down or flatten
  • chew resistant
  • helps dogs not overheat
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • machine washable cover
  • gel-infused memory foam

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This bed will keep your dog cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The reason is because of the gel-infused memory foam. Experts have used cutting-edge technology and serious craftsmanship to make this one-of-a-kind dog bed.

Dogs will enjoy the security of the bolstered sides and the comfort of a memory foam mattress.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Medium (24″ in diameter x 33″ in length and 9″ high)

Large (30″ in diameter x 40″ in length and 9″ high)

Extra Large (32″ in diameter x 48″ in length and 10″ high)

Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Pillow top dog beds look a lot like a regular mattress. They have superior support and are perfect for dogs with joint pain. However, this bed would be suitable for any dog, old or young.

Special Features

  • Relieves arthritic pain
  • repels stains and stays clean
  • helps reduce joint stiffness
  • perfect for dogs with mobility issues
  • repels smell
  • won’t break down and sag
  • zippered cover that is removable
  • washable cover
  • chew resistant
  • prevents bacteria growth
  • water resistant
  • Keeps pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Large breed dogs need the added support of orthopedic foam. You can’t beat the quality in a BuddyRest dog bed. In fact, these beds are good for dogs who have no joint issues. Start your dog on one of these beds as a pup to set the stage for a lifetime of pain-free joints.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

This bed comes in sizes ranging from medium through to super extra large!

Medium 24″D x 33″L x 4″H

Large 30″D x 40″L x 4″H 

Extra Large 32″D x 48″L x 5″H

Super XL 37″D x 55″L x 5″H

pillow top dog beds for large breeds

BuddyRest Titan Citadel Ballistic Dog Bed

BuddyRest gives its dog beds powerful names because they make powerful dog beds. These orthopedic wonders are not for the faint of heart. If you have a large or giant breed dog, you need a dog bed that means business.

Special Features

Like any BuddyRest dog beds, the Titan Citadel Ballistic has unique features that can’t be ignored.

  • spine support
  • extra large surface for giant dog breeds
  • modern colors and style
  • extremely durable
  • machine washable
  • made with cutting edge technology
  • truly orthopedic
  • pressure-point free support
  • repels stains and spills

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Large dogs need added spine and neck support and this bed is designed to do just that. Giant dogs work hard and they need a supportive place to rest.

Aging dogs will benefit from a truly restful sleep on this mattress. Of course, it’s not just for older dogs. The four-sided “walls” help give your dog added security and comfort.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Medium  18″ x 24″ x 8″

Large 25″ x 32″ x 9″

XL 30″ x 48″ x 9″

Titan ballistic dog beds

Crown Supreme Orthopedic Dog Bed

BuddyRest Crown Supreme Orthopedic dog beds offers advanced support. All of their mattresses were designed in consultation with world-class veterinarians. They are engineered to last, but most important, they are designed for advanced spine and neck support.

No matter how your dog sleeps (side, curled in a ball, flat on the back, or stretched out on the tummy) this mattress will never give up.

Special Features

We especially love this bed because of these incredible features:

  • relieves arthritis pain
  • maintains a clean surface
  • added bolster support and comfort
  • reduces stiff joints
  • excellent for mobility
  • won’t break down or sag
  • chew resistant material
  • repels odors
  • repels stains
  • water resistant
  • keeps pets at the perfect temperature
  • hypoallergenic

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

A bed like this will help dogs with even the most advanced arthritis. Dogs with degenerative disks and other spinal conditions require proper support.

All BuddyRest dog beds provide high-end quality and unbeatable comfort. This particular bed amps it up a notch!

Dog Bed Sizes Available

These beds are designed for large dogs and are available in sizes ranging from medium through to extra-large.

advanced dog beds

Paw Brands Faux Fur Runner with Memory Foam

If you’ve been looking for the type of dog bed that fits seamlessly into your home, this is it. Use the runner at the end of your bed, in a hallway, under bay windows, in the porch, living room, or anywhere you choose.

Special Features

  • Designed to complement home decor
  • modern and plush design
  • Memory foam dog bed that doubles as an attractive rug
  • GUARANTEED not to flatten for 10 years
  • Waterproof memory foam liner
  • minimizes joint pain and improves a dog’s health and mobility
  • removable and washable faux fur cover
  • Multiple styles to choose from
  • Non-skid bottom that prevents moving and shifting
  • Perfect for the foot of your bed, hallways, and other areas of your home

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

Like any dogs made by Paw Brands, this bed is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It looks like just another fluffy blanket, but it’s much more. The high-tech memory foam will ease joint pain and provide stability and comfort for any dog.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

This runner comes in one perfect size for ANY dog. It is 72″ in length and 28″ wide. If you have a dog who likes to stretch out, this bed is perfect.

dog bed runner

K9 Sport Sleeper (Inflatable) for Large Breed Dogs

This is a top-of-the-line inflatable dog bed. Unlike traditional inflatable dog beds, this one creates expansion zones to perfectly support your pup.

Special Features

  • Fits perfectly in the base of the K9 Kennel Pop-Up Dog Tent
  • Lightweight
  • Packs Down Small enough to fit in any K9 Sport Sack side pocket
  • Easy-To-Inflate
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Claw resistant
  • Easy deflation

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

This bed will provide support and protection from pressure points. No need for your dog to sleep on the ground. This bed will keep him/her in a comfortable position all night long.

The bed is designed for the K9 Kennel Pop-Up Dog Tent, but you don’t need one to use it. This inflatable bed can be used anywhere. It’s designed to pack and take anywhere!

Dog Bed Sizes Available


  • Dimensions – 20in x 20in (51cm x 51cm)
  • Thickness – 1.5in (3.5cm)
  • Weight – 6.77oz (191g)


  • Dimensions – 30in x 30in (76cm x 76cm)
  • Thickness – 1.5in (3.5 cm)
  • Weight – 13.74oz (382g)
sporty bed for large dog breeds

Juliet Orthopedic Dog Bed

This BuddyRest Juliet Orthopedic bed uses the trademarked Advanced Orthopedic Hybrid Support System. The mattress is made from cutting-edge True Cool memory foam to keep your dog from getting too cold, or from over-heating.

Special Features

  • Excellent for relieving joint pain
  • Reduces joint stiffness
  • Great for a dog’s mobility
  • Repels odor
  • Won’t break down or sag from your dog’s weight
  • Water-resistant
  • Keeps your pet at just the right temperature.
  • 10 year warranty
  • hypoallergenic dog bed

How This Bed Will Help Your Dog

While the mattress provides superior spine and neck support, the advanced memory foam technology also keeps your dog at the optimal temperature.

Dog Bed Sizes Available

Medium (24″x33″x4″)

Large (30″x40″x4″)

Extra Large (32″x48″x5″)

Super Extra Large (37″x55″x5″)

Orthopedic Dog Bed for English Mastiffs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia?

Dogs with hip dysplasia should be able to get in and out of their beds easily. Memory foam beds with at least 7″ of support may help ease painful joints. Look for dog beds that have non-skid bottoms to make it more stable for your dog.

Dog beds that are too soft may be difficult for dogs with hip dysplasia to get in and out of comfortably. Look for dog beds that offer support. Beds that match these qualities may be labelled as “orthopedic dog beds”.

What is the Best Dog Bed for Labs?

Labrador retrievers love a good snuggle, but they also like to stretch out on their own. Look for beds that have memory foam, top quality (machine washable coverings), and sizes from large to extra-large.

Labs have a need for comfort and feel especially secure when there is a bolster or backing on the bed.

What’s the Best Dog Bed for a German Shepherd?

German Shepherds can be rough-and-tumble dogs. Working dogs (police dogs, for example) deserve a little slice of heaven at the end of the day. Bully Beds have some of the best dog beds on the market.

Expect quality and long-lasting beds that will withstand tough dogs while still looking great in your home.

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