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17 Most Impressive Features of a Bergan Pet Carrier

A Bergan pet carrier is a responsible choice for dog owners ready to embark on a trip. Leaving the dog at home when you’re away is not an option.

You can call in a dog sitter, send him/her off to a dog boarding facility, or call in a family member or friend for help. Ultimately, the best thing to do is bring your dog with you.

Bringing your dog with you on a trip isn’t always the easiest choice however. Some of the top questions people have when traveling with pets include:

  • How can I keep my dog safe in the car?
  • What kind of regulations do airlines have?
  • Will my dog be able to come with me on the plane?
  • How comfortable will he/she be on a long trip?
  • What kind of carrier can I buy that’s safe and comfortable for my dog?

And the list goes on.

The choice of pet carriers on the market is overwhelming. Without feedback, you can never really know if you’re wasting your money or not.

Ultimately, safety and comfort are the two top concerns for dog owners. This post is based on actual consumer feedback on the Bergan pet carrier. Confused over the best dog travel carrier to buy? Don’t be.

Read this post to get up-to-date feedback on the 17 most impressive features of the Bergan pet carrier.

#1. Soft-Sides

Bergan pet carriers make car travel easy and safe. Soft-sided Bergan pet carriers make them easier to tote on your shoulder, bring on a plane, or fit in a car.

The soft-sides also make them easier to store when you’re home. You can easily flatten a pet carrier like this and store it out of view until needed again.

#2. Full-Zip Entry and Half-Zip Comfort Window

A carrier with a full-zip entry is necessary for obvious reasons like getting your pet in and out. Bergan pet carriers include a half-zip window on the other side so that you can reach in and offer your pet comfort during a long trip.

In some cases, your pet may feel more comfortable being able to stick his/her head out and look around.

#3. Ventilated Mesh to Avoid Overheating

Any pet carrier will have a ventilation system in place to keep your pets comfortable and safe.

Coastal Pet Products, the makers of Bergan pet carriers, have created a ventilation system that allows the free-flow of air while maintaining durability. That means no claws or paws are going to come busting through the sides.

#4. Washable/Removable Fleece Interior Bedding

There’s a soft, removable fleece lining inside these carriers for easy cleaning. Unfortunately, some pets don’t enjoy travelling whether they’re in the most luxurious pet carrier or not.

Cats will sometimes defecate or pee due to stress. If a dog is stress and can’t escape, he/she may bark and chew whatever is available. For that reason, Coastal Pet Products has made their inner linings more durable.


CloverPet Luxury Bubble Backpack

Do you have a toy breed? Chihuahuas and teacup yorkies fit perfectly into these ingenious backpacks. Don’t worry, they’re made with pet comfort and safety in mind. Little dogs love this because they can look out the window while travelling with you wherever you go.

These backpacks are perfect for bicyclists, hikers, etc. Are you a commuter? Take your dog with you on public transit systems easily and safely.

These bags have all the design modules necessary for a safe ride. Ventilation holes allow the free-flow of fresh air. You can even buckle one into your car without having to remove your dog, put a harness on him/her, and then buckle them in.

These backpacks are cute, fun, and amazingly safe. What a perfect way to travel with your dog (or cat)!

#5. Top-Loading Large Comfort Carriers

If you’ve ever tried to coax a cat into a pet carrier, you know how difficult it can be. More advanced pet owners can trick their pets into backing into a pet carrier, but that’s not always the easiest thing to do either.

Top-loading carriers make it quick and easy to load your pet into the carrier. It’s also a lot easier to stuff the inner pockets with treats, wipes, etc., when you can can reach into the carrier as opposed to gaining access from the side.

#6. Bergan Pet Carrier Convenience Pockets

Speaking of inner pockets…these carriers have expandable side pockets and inner pockets perfect for including dog wipes, a small toy, treats, or even a leash into the carrier. Travelling can be difficult at the best of times, so the more organized you are the better off you’ll be.

If you’re on a plane, for example, and your pet has a mess in the carrier, you won’t have to get up, reach for your carry-on, open it, search for wipes, etc. Instead, it will just be a quick reach into the carrier for all of the handy things you’ve brought along with you.

#7. Airline Approved

It’s reassuring to know that the pet carrier you’ve purchased is guaranteed to be airline approved. Knowing that the company has already done the research to make sure your flight-ready can save a lot of time and frustration. Locating an airline’s travel policy on their website can sometimes be as daunting as navigating the airport itself.

#8. Padded Straps

Even the smallest pet carriers can feel uncomfortable if you have to shoulder them around for any length of time. When purchasing dog/pet carriers, look for extra-wide and padded shoulder straps. It might not seem like a big deal, but you’ll appreciate the comfort when you have them.


There’s a big difference between a baby carriage and a pet stroller. Pet strollers are specifically made with your dog in mind and they’re absolutely perfect when you’re on the go. There’s nothing worse than leaving your dog home alone, especially if you’re going to be out for a while.

Reasons for Mobility Issues in Pets Include:

Peace of Mind!

You’re going to have to leave the house sooner or later and when you do, you will worry about how your dog is getting along.

This is especially true of dogs recovering from injuries or surgery. With a pet travel carriage you can bring your dog AND everything he/she needs for recovery. Being able to relieve your worry and guilt while still taking care of your dog is a very good feeling.

HPZ Pet Rover Pet Stroller

#9. Stable Bottom

A pet carrier without a stable floor is just a bag. Bergan pet carriers offer a solid floor so that your pet feels more secure.

#10. Click-Lock Zippers

Zippers tend to weaken over time and when that happens there’s a risk of zippers sliding open. Worn zippers will gradually inch their way open with every movement your pet makes. Top quality pet carriers offer the added safety of click-lock zippers to prevent accidental opening. The last thing you want is an escape-artist pet running around an airport.

#11. Stylish

Bergan dog carriers come in a variety of colors and styles to match your luggage or wardrobe.

#12. Safety-Belt Loop for Securing in Vehicle

Pet carriers provide one level of safety for dogs or cats on the go. However, that’s just the first step. A pet carrier not buckled into a vehicle defeats the purpose of safety. If you were in an accident (even just a fender-bender), your pet could end up with serious injuries from being thrown about.

Bergan pet carriers come with a safety-belt loop designed for buckling into any vehicle. It only takes a few seconds to do and ensures a safe trip for your pet.

#13. Works for Cats, Dogs, Mini/Micro-Pigs, Rabbits

Cats and dogs are the top two pets in the United States, but the makers of Bergan pet carriers also understand that people have various types of pets. If you own a rabbit, guinea pig, micro-pig, or another type of pet, there’s a good chance you’re going to be able to find a good fit for your animal with Bergan carriers.

Note: Bergan carriers are airline compliant, but your choice of pet may not be. In this case it’s always a good idea to check ahead before arriving at your gate.

#14. Paw Barrier

Pet carriers are not all created equally. These carriers are made to be durable enough to avoid damage from frantic paws and claws. In addition, zippers are positioned in places where your pet cannot access.

#15. Affordability

You’ve probably heard the old saying “you get what you pay for”. When determining the affordability of your next pet carrier, keep quality and longevity in mind. These carriers are sold in the $30 to $50 range depending on size and style. Yes, you could probably find a less expensive carrier, but if it wears out after the first trip, was it really worth it?

Reviews of Bergan pet carriers claim a lifespan of 4 years or more!

#16. Detachable Wheels!

Ten pound (or more) dogs are heavy enough but add a few other items to the list and the weight suddenly becomes too much. Detachable wheels make carting your pet through parking lots and airport terminals much easier on your body.

#17. Expandable Side Pockets

Expandable side pockets make it easy to include a variety of small but useful items when you travel. Tissue, reading glasses, headphones, cell phones, and just about anything else you can think of will fit into these handy pockets.

Remember, some things are not allowed inside the airplane so be careful what you pack.

Ready for Take-Off?

The beauty of small pets is their portability. Knowing your dog or cat is safe and secure under the seat in front of you is a lot better than the alternative. Whether your a frequent traveller or not, you want something that’s going to last for years, not months. Bergan pet carriers are designed to be durable and multi-functional. Pet carriers can double as crates when you’re in a hotel room or staying with a friend.

There’s a huge difference between hard-sided carriers and carriers made from durable cloth. For one thing, there’s no give to hard plastic if you just need 1/2 inch of extra space. Bergan pet carriers are easy to manipulate so that your pet still has lots of room and the carrier can fit into snug spaces.


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