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11 Best Leather Couches for Dogs (2022-2023)

I don’t understand pet owners who don’t let their dogs up on the couch. How can you possibly get an all-evening snuggle in if your best buddy can’t get close to you? I suppose you could get on the floor with your dog, but why?

I recently purchased a faux-leather couch and I have no regrets.

Pet hair is easily swept off and the dirt marks from muddy paws are easily wiped clean. I can only imagine how filthy my old fabric couch must have been. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to have it observed under a microscope!

If you’re thinking of getting a leather couch but you’re worried that your dog might ruin it, don’t. Leather sofas (or faux-leather) can be very durable, practical, and stylish.

If you’re not convinced yet, you will be. Keep reading to discover pet-friendly sofas for your living room. There’s one for every sized room, budget, and lifestyle.

How to Find the Perfect Pet-Friendly Couch

I’m going to go ahead and assume you a large dog that drools, drags mud into the house, rolls on dead things, and maybe even has sticky paws (who knows why). Let’s face it, if your dog fits into your pocket, you probably don’t care what type of furniture you have.

Okay, so I’m picturing a hulking, dirty dog (who you love dearly). You’re going to want a couch that can withstand a lot of use, resist dog scratches, is stain resistant, water resistant, and can withstand the test of time.

That’s a tall order! Luckily, it can be accomplished. Now, let’s go shopping.

Look for Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics aren’t as exciting as they sound, but they will save you money, which is kind of exciting. The minute you walk into a furniture store, you’re going to see a sales associate. Actually, the sales associate is going to see you first.

Stay strong.

The first question they will ask is what you’re shopping for. As tempting as that pure white silk looking thing is in the corner, speak up and say you want something with performance fabric.

You need a new couch that will last for years while accommodating the whole family, including the dogs.

Look for stain-resistant fabric (if you decide to forgo a leather couch), durable fabrics, and something that is easy to clean.

Here are some other considerations when shopping for pet-friendly furniture:

  • Look for a sturdy wood frame.
  • Water resistant fabrics will come in handy.
  • Synthetic materials are often good options
  • Consider the type of leather you want. Some are more durable than others. See more detailed explanation of various leather choices below.

Durable Fabrics with a Tight Weave

If you’re not convinced that a leather couch is the right choice (it is; trust me), look for fabrics with a tight weave. Don’t be embarrassed to tell the sales associate what you need. Chances are, they love dogs as much as you do and they’ll know exactly what to show you.

Stain-Resistant Fabric

Remember when I mentioned how easy it is to wipe faux leather clean? You can still have that luxury with stain-resistant fabric. It’s not as easy as a quick wipe-up, but at least you can avoid some serious staining.

Color & Style

Naturally, you’ll want a sofa that matches your style, but you’ll also want to look for fabric that doesn’t readily show off pet hair. If you have a dog with light-colored fur, opt for a lighter colored fabric. Ditto wif your dog has dark fur.

Let’s Talk Leather!

Okay, now that we’ve got the whole “fabric” couch situation out of the way, let’s talk about leather couches.

Personally, I prefer faux-leather, but that’s a choice you’ll have to make for yourself. Price, durability, size, comfort, and quality should all play into your final purchasing decision.

Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather means that the top layer of the leather hasn’t been cut away.

Technically, all leather is considered top grain. The term refers to the top layer of the cowhide with minimal alterations. This is the type of leather that

Typically, top-grain leather furniture is recommended for pet owners.

The thick leather is more resistant to punctures and scratch marks because the natural grain and top layer of the hide hasn’t been cut away. It goes through a buffing process that makes it softer, but more durable, than full grain leather.

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather means that nothing has been altered to the hide. It retains the natural and look and feel of the actual hide. If you’re looking for authentic leather, this is the one to buy.

This type of couch will feel quite tough at first, but will soften over time. If you’re on a budget, this option my not be for you as it’s usually more expensive than other types.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is usually less expensive because it’s made from the scraps of other leather products. What you end up with is a couch that has the look and feel of leather without a whole lot of actual leather in the finished product.

Nubuck Leather

If you’re going to let your pets up onto your couch, forget this. This type of leather is sanded to give it a suede-like appearance. It’s soft but fragile. It also requires some waterproofing and who has time for that?

Bi-Cast Leather

Here’s another one I’d stay away from. It’s less expensive, but over time you’re going to end up with a couch that peels and cracks. It actually has a coating of color polyurethane that gives it a top grain appearance, but it’s going to bite you in the butt over the long haul.

Faux Leather

If you’re a leather purist, the term “faux leather” may make you cringe. However, it’s got a lot of things going for it. You can buy some amazing looking couches made with faux leather! They’re stylish, durable, come in a variety of colors, and will hold up to just about anything your pet can dish up.

Full-Aniline Leather

The term “full aniline leather” is more about the treatment leather products receive. Full aniline uses a semi-translucent dye that allows you to see through to the hide. You’ll be able to see the natural features of the hide (fat wrinkles, healed scars, bug bites, etc.)

This type of leather tends to have variations of color and markings.

About This Review

The following couches were chosen based on:

  • Highest consumer rankings
  • Reasonably priced for the quality
  • Size (not too big; not too small)
  • Quality (we looked for the best in top grain, fabric, and faux leather options)

Best Dog-Friendly Couches

1. POLY & BARK Napa Apartment Sofa

This couch has a sleek, contemporary look. Perfects for apartments, condos, and smaller spaces. Click the image below for all the details including dimensions, color options, and more.

2. Abbyson Living Woodstock Mid Century Top Grain Leather Sofa, Dark Gray

This type of furniture never goes out of style. The best couches are the ones that don’t change with the trends. It’s easy to make updates with simple touches like new couch pillows or an attractive throw.

3. Vonanda Faux Leather Sofa Couch Mid-Century

This simple yet elegant sofa is perfect for an evening cuddle with your dog. Binge-watch your favorite shows with your best-bud by your side.

4. Modway Loft Tufted Button Faux Leather Upholstered Sofa in Silver Tan

This type of sofa is a popular choice for people wanting a modern look.

The great thing about any leather or faux-leather couch is the easy cleaning feature. Company coming? Wipe that dog fur off in seconds! Doggy paw prints on the seat cushions? Just grab a damp cloth.

5. Modern Leather Upholstered Sofa 3-Seater Orange & White

This couch is gorgeous and modern. Your friends won’t believe that it’s pet friendly.

Leather upholstery and seating padding with high-density foam provide maximum comfort.

Comes with a solid wood frame,

  • Overall Width82.7″
  • Overall Depth33.5″
  • Overall Height16.5″

6. Vertex 85″ Modern Nappa Leather Couch Sofa

Best Couches for Dogs

This is a beautiful couch with Nappa leather upholstery. that is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap when needed.

Cushions are padded with high-density foam for maximum comfort.

Comes with a solid wood frame and stainless steel legs.

You and your dogs deserve a touch of luxury (durable luxury that is).

Note: throw pillows are shipped in random colors.

7. Canadian Made Astoria Leather Sofa

Best Couch for Dogs

Sofa by Fancy

This sofa is a great option for dog owners.

Have a large dog? This modern sofa is made with 2.2 lb. foam and no-sag springs for uniform stability.

The back part of the couch is made with channeled fiber k-cloth inserts. The finished cover features pillow back design with zippers.

The cover is made of genuine leather on all touch surfaces.

8. Z-Hom 70″ Top-Grain Leather Sofa

This is a great deal for pet owners looking for durability and affordability. The back cushions are removable. Easy to clean and perfect for a smaller living space like an apartment or condo.

9. YHUA Home Furniture Leather Square Arm Sofa Small Apartment Living Room

best leather couch for dogs

This couch looks a lot like the one above but is considerably higher quality, and more expensive.

Yes, the price is high, but you won’t have to buy a new sofa for a very long time.

This couch is scratch-resistant and durable with a flat stitching neat line reflected in the details.

  • High-density rebound sponge, three-dimensional full, uniform and durable force does not deform, to meet your comfortable sitting
  • Full and thick backrest, effective support for your head back
  • Wide design, slightly tilted for ultimate comfort.

10. Ikea Sectional Leather/Faux Leather Sofa

Ikea couches are the best! I have an off-white faux-leather sofa from Ikea that I wouldn’t swap out for a million bucks (well….maybe for a million).

What do I love about my Ikea sofa? It’s so easy to clean. I have two heavy shedders who always leave plenty of fur behind. I used to have to break a sweat with the vacuum back when I had a fabric couch. Now, I just take out my hand-held vacuum and the fur disappears instantly.

Sometimes I just wipe the fur onto the floor and let my robotic vacuum take over!

best leather couch for dogs
Coco sitting on my Ikea faux-leather couch

The sofa pictured above was purchased from Ikea in Canada although there many like it in Ikea stores worldwide.

This type of couch is easy-to-clean with a quick wipe. I use a damp cloth with some mild cleaner (usually a dab of dish detergent) to wipe spills and dog drool away.

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Which Pet Friendly Sofa Will You Buy?

There’s a lot to consider before buying a couch for the family. Ultimately, it has to fit your décor, it needs to be comfortable, and it has to last for a long time.

Obviously, you should only buy what you can afford. That said, if you buy something poorly made you’re just going to end up shopping for another couch in the near future.

Happy shopping!

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