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11 World Class Crates for Transporting Dogs in Truck Beds

The safest way to transport a dog in the bed of a truck is in a crate made especially for that vehicle. Dogs love to ride in the truck bed! It’s easy to pat the tail end of your truck and have the dog hop up.

That’s not where the story should end though. Responsible pet owners understand the importance of keeping your dog secured in a moving vehicle. The problem is how to make sure it’s done correctly.

This post is going to give you 11 solid ways to transport a vehicle including instructions on how to do it properly.

Is it illegal to transport a dog in the back of a pickup truck?

Some state laws have made it illegal to travel with an unsecured dog in a truck bed. California, Oregon, Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island insist that pet parents secure their dogs in a crash-tested dog crate.

The bed of a pickup truck is a dangerous place to leave an animal. Trucks are made for rugged terrain, but your dog isn’t.

Sudden swerves, sharp turns, braking, flying debris, and other dangerous can cause your dog serious harm, and even death. It’s important to realize that even short trips around rural areas can be dangerous.

Some loving pet owners have tried to get around the laws by using their own seat belts to secure their pets. Unfortunately, human seat belts are not designed with dogs in mind. The only way to truly ensure your dog’s safety is to get serious about getting a secure crate.

The Dangers of the Open Road

These days, dog owners have many options to ensure their dogs are safely secured. The following items were built to last. They’re tough and they’re perfect options for keeping your family and your pet safe in a moving vehicle.

An unrestrained dog in the open bed of a pickup truck is vulnerable to:

  1. Head Injury
  2. Leg Injury
  3. Hot Metal Burns
  4. Accidental Fall from the Truck
  5. Injury if the dog leaps from the truck
  6. Eye Injury
  7. Injury from road debris or tree branches

It may seem safer to tuck a dog into the back seat of a car, but that can also be dangerous. If you were to get into an accident, your poor dog becomes a projectile.

The following are 11 world-class dog crates and boxes designed specifically for truck and other vehicles.

#1.LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

dog crate for a pickup truck

Keep your dog safe with this double door and locking caster design. It has 360-degree rotating, locking casters that make it easier to move the crate from truck to walkway.

Product Dimensions:

37.5″ L x 22.5″ W x 32″ H

Special Features

It’s easy to clean and durable. There’s a slide-out plastic tray for easy cleaning and is shipped with the complete hardware pack.

#2. 4X4 North American MIM Safe VarioCage Single – Crash Tested Dog Transport Kennel

crate for transport in a pickup truck

Product Dimensions:

40.55″L x 21.85″W x 25.59″H

Special Features:

  • This transport cage passes all front, rear, and roll-over crash tests.
  • Has locking doors with gas hydraulic motion springs.
  • There is an emergency escape hatch.
  • The crate can be configured a number of ways to accommodate most vehicles.

#3. K9 Kennel Boss

dog crate for transport in pickup truck

This crate is made of durable and lightweight aluminum. This fully collapsible design makes it easy to put together and take apart for traveling.

Product Dimensions:

36″L x 25″W x 29’H

Special Features:

  • Safe and secure
  • Durable
  • Travel Ready
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable

#4. Zinger Airline Approved 4000

Airline approved travel crate for dogs.

This crate is perfect for pets that need extra security. The Zinger 4000 crates are designed for medium sized dog breeds and stands at 24″ x 28″ x 36″.

Added Features

Travel safely anywhere with the Airline Travel Package. The package consists of carrying handles, lock and deadbolt covers, “Live Animals” labels, and 2 plastic bowls for food and water.

The doors are completely reversible and can be opened from the left or the right.

#5. Owens All Season Aluminum Single Dog Box

Owens heavy duty all seasons aluminum single dog box to fit on the back of a pickup truck.

If you can afford to switch out your dog boxes every season, go for it. Otherwise, why bother when you can get this top-of-the-line ALL SEASONS aluminum single dog box.

You’re not sacrificing quality either.

This rugged powerhouse comes in standard and extra tall. Of course, if you’re travelling anywhere with a dog there’s going to be STUFF. No worries.

This dog crate has extra top storage to stash your gear.

Added Features

This dog box has lockable slam latch doors to secure your dog. Gas struts easily lift and hold up the compartment lid. Trust me, this is a valuable little extra for ease of loading and unloading your big or little pooch.

This dog box comes with oversized vents for max cooling. It also has storm covers for the door and vents that convert the box for 4 season use.

Includes a corrugated liner to protect and insulate your dog. Also has a rubber floor mat to cushion the ride.

They have top-notch air purifiers for the home (great for dogs or people with respiratory problems or allergies), ramps for dogs, and a ton more!

#6. Owens Aluminum Dog Box for Trucks (Triple)

Triple aluminum boxes by Owens for transporting dogs in the back of an open pickup truck.

This dog box is perfect for short bed trucks.

It has a triple compartment lined dog box. If you’re a serious hunter, dog trainer, or handle police/military dogs (K-9 handler), you might want to check this out.

The notched sides at the back of the outside compartments allow for short bed configuration. This dog box has maximum width across the truck bed because the vents were put in the rear and not on the side.

Added Features

This dog box has lockable slam latch doors to secure your dogs.

There are rattle-free spring-loaded handles that make it easy to move. Flush mounted latches prevent the box from snagging on brush in the field.

This beast of a dog box comes with removable storm covers for doors and rear vents to keep your dogs safe from bad weather and unwanted attention.

Where to Buy

Pet Pro Supply Co. There’s really no where else to get any kind of dog box worth their money.

#7. Owens Pro Aluminum Double UTV Dog Box w/Storage

Owens aluminum double crate for transporting dogs in a truck.

This dog crate is made by a top US diamond tread aluminum manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience. This Hunter Series Double Kennel UTV Dog Box is perfect if you have to travel with two dogs. Perfect for use in a utility vehicle UTV.

This box allows you the ability to transport your dogs into the field with you.

Added Features

This dog box has a convenient built-in top storage compartment that can be used for hunting and training supplies.

TIP: This box is designed to fit the Polaris Ranger.

You can expect a strong but lightweight design. It’s forever free of rust or rot. The box has dual compartments to securely transport two dogs.

Vent holes are also included in the compartment divider.

Want even more storage? This powerhouse of a dog box comes with a spacious bottom drawer. Perfect for storage of electronics, hunting gear, training supplies, etc.

#8. Zinger Professional 3500 Front Entry

This “escape proof” crate is designed for heavier, mid-sized dog breeds such as Labrador retrievers, Airedale terriers, and Australian shepherds.

The professional model is recommended for dogs that have anxious behaviours including excessive chewing, biting, and scratching.

All of this heavy-duty construction and locking features make the crate sound like a prison, but nothing could be further from the truth. These crates are designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind.

Added Features

This crate offers the strongest doors available while allowing for open airflow. Each door is welded for maximum strength and security. The full-length piano hinge allows for left and right hand opening.

Comes with stainless mounting hardware and locking latches. You will also get lock covers and spring-loaded handles.

#9. Ruff Land Kennel Dog Crate for SUVS and Crossover Cars

SUV Kennel for transporting dogs in the back of a truck.

This SUV/crossover crate is made specifically for SUVs and crossover cars.

No crate space is compromised in the design. Your dog will still have plenty of floor space. This is because the crate is designed more steeply and angled back.

This feature accommodates cargo doors on these types of vehicles.

Added Features

These crates have been tested (even a 12 foot drop!) and showed no trace of cracking.

These are made of superior quality molded PE plastic. They have a one-piece stackable design with doors that open in both directions.

This crate is easy to clean and is designed by dog trainers and outfitters.

#10. Ruff Land Kennel Single Front Door Dog Crate

Single front door dog crate for transporting dogs in a pickup truck.

This BEST SELLER is perfect for multi-function use. Whether your dog is really small or extra large, there’s a crate for you. Choose from small to extra-large.

This is the most popular dog kennel on the market today.

It’s made from high quality plastic and is molded into a single piece for durability. These crates are stackable and have been field-tested to hold the weight of a 350 pound man.

Added Features:

The doors on this crate open in both directions. The rugged composite door will not rust. Do you have/need multiple kennels? The crate has sturdy metal inserts for attachment. It’s lightweight and easily moveable.

You’ll get a 100% made in the USA dog crate with a 1 year comprehensive warranty.

#11. High Anxiety Crate

High anxiety, heavy duty dog crate for travelling.

Anxious dogs will try to find any way possible to escape. This crate was designed specifically to avoid that problem. It was engineered to protect and outsmart pets who suffer from severe separation anxiety.

Where to buy? Visit Impact.


We all know it’s not safe to travel with unsecured dogs. Whether they’re in the back of an open pickup truck or in an enclosed space within your car, major problems can arise. When shopping for crates and boxes, opt for higher quality. Choose sizes that fit your dog and your vehicle.

It also can’t be stated strongly enough….never leave your dog in a car unattended. On a hot day, even with a window down, your dog can suffer from heat related injury and death.

You love your dog and his/her safety is vital. Take care of yourself, your family, and your hard-working loyal pooch!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to embed the infographic below in your own posts and be sure to return to this website again for more useful information on your dog’s health.

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