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11 Best French Bulldog Rescues NJ

Good for you for thinking about French Bulldog Rescues NJ. There’s something fascinating about French Bulldogs.

They snort, snore, and make us laugh. They’re small but mighty. The best thing about a French Bulldog is that they’re pretty easy to care for. That said, there are some important things you should know before adopting a rescued French Bulldog.

There’s a big difference between buying a French Bulldog from a breeder and adopting one from a French Bulldog rescue.

Rescuing is always a great choice, but there’s a possibility that it might not be the right fit for your family. Don’t let that discourage you! It’s just important to understand what you could be getting into as you go through this process.

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French Bulldogs end up in rescue centers for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes their owners pass away, the breeder becomes ill and unable to care for the dog, or the dog has been rescued from a puppy mill.

Unfortunately, not all of these dogs have been well socialized and a lot of them come with baggage.

French Bulldogs require special care. New owners should be aware of certain issues. This inexpensive guide will help you understand this dog’s idiosyncrasies. For example:

French Bulldog’s Need Lifejackets

Contrary to popular belief – not all dogs can swim. If you’re going to be anywhere water (swimming pool, lake, seaside) you might want to consider a lifejacket for peace of mind. French Bulldogs will sink like an anchor!

French Bulldog’s Need Water at all Times

French Bulldogs tend to overheat very quickly. You should always have access to a good water supply. Portable water is the way to go!

French Bulldog Rescue NJ

Heath Issues in Rescued French Bulldogs

All dog breeds are at risk of certain genetic health conditions. There’s a good chance that a rescue is going to be an older dog who may or may not already have certain issues.

Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand disease is a blood clotting disorder. Dogs with this condition are at risk of internal bleeds and excessive bleeding post-surgery. Signs and symptoms include nose bleed, bleeding gums, blood in the stool, fatigue (anemia).

Luxating Patella

A luxating patella occurs when the femur and kneecap don’t align properly. This causes the dog’s kneecap to slide out of place. A luxating patella can be mild or very serious. The more serious cases will require surgery. Be prepared to help your dog with braces and other equipment.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a painful condition where the ball and socket joint in the hip becomes deformed.

Breathing Difficulties

French Bulldogs have short heads with narrow nostrils. They also have long and soft palates. This combination of characteristics leaves them vulnerable to respiratory issues.


French Bulldogs are prone to various allergies including food sensitivities, environmental allergies (pollen, dust, mold), and contact allergies.

What to Ask When Considering a French Bulldog Rescue

I’ve listed the best 11 French Bulldog Rescues NJ below. Most rescue shelters operate the same way in that they are non-profit and staffed with mostly volunteers.

They put a lot of work into finding their dogs the best homes. One sign of a good French Bulldog Rescue is one that makes potential owners jump through some hoops before taking one home.

They do this so that they find the best French Bulldog to complement your family situation. If you’re considering a rescue dog, ask yourself the following questions:

-Will a French Bulldog rescue adapt to the pets I already have?

-Will a French Bulldog be safe around my small children?

-Am I willing to take extra time to retrain a French Bulldog with behavioural issues?

-Will I put in the extra money it may take to hire a trainer?

-Am I prepared for some of the health issues French Bulldogs tend to have?

 11 Best French Bulldog Rescue Networks in New Jersey

1. French Bulldog Rescue Centre


2. SPCA Monmouth County


3. Associated Humane Societies


4. South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter


5. Burlington County SPCA


6. Liberty Humane Society


7. It’s a Dog’s Life Rescue of NJ


8. French Bulldog Rescue Network


9. SNORT (Short Noses Only Rescue Team)


10. French Bulldog Village


11. Long Island Bulldog Rescue


If you are looking for a rescue that isn’t listed here, you can always check with your official State of New Jersey website for a complete directory.

French Bulldog Rescue Takeaways

I hope you found this post useful. French Bulldogs are the most adorable, loving dogs you can find. A well socialized dog is going to be just fine with children and (possibly) other pets. Just make sure to ask the rescue shelter about temperament.

As you search for your forever dog, take note that most rescues fully disclose any potential issues in the dog. The last thing they want is to have you bring your dog home only to encounter disaster.

Going through a dog adoption process involves application fees, adoption fees, and careful scrutiny of your home by the rescue team.

Now that you’ve read this post, why not find out what else is going on with Your Dog’s Health Matters.

Part of the adoption process involves having the animals spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  Click on either of those links to get up-to-date information on those topics.

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