Love Your Dog

Our Story is Simple: We Love Animals.

A hug. It's a simple sign of love and affection. And there's nothing like the "hugs" that our beloved pets can give – they're signs of truly unconditional love.

Hugs Pet Products is committed to making the best, most unique treats for your four-legged family members! As more and more people become pet parents, Hugs is taking innovation to the next level by supplying pet owners with consumables they can’t believe they ever lived without – treats that return some of that love back to our furry friends.
Paula Deen Hugs

Paula Deen and Hugs

In 2014, we announced our partnership with none other than Paula Deen. With Paula's amazing talents in the kitchen and love for pets, particularly her dogs, Gus, Max and Lulu, we have created a new line of pet products that includes dog food, dog treat baking mixes, cat food and treats, and much more. The food offers goodness and great taste, or, as Paula says, it Tastes so dog-gone good!

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